Project Management

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Reasons why projects fail

Why do Projects fail? 1

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Project leaders and their teams have to pay attention to several factors in order to deliver their projects on time, on budget and with…

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Event management software

Key Event Management Software Features

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A business event can lead to win-win situations such as lead generation, advantageous offers for new or improved products/services, new…

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Kan ban board

KanBan Best Practices

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When Taiichi Ohno first designed this board to improve and maintain Toyota’s production in a high level, I am sure that he…

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Swot analysis pm and crm

SWOT analysis using your cloud CRM Project Management software (2)

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Who to involve, in what, why and how in order to gather all the needed information to identify, analyze and evaluate…

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Cloud project management applications

The Future Of Cloud Project Management

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Cloud Project Management (PM) is undoubtedly the best option when thinking of a Project Management app, as the traditional solutions offer…

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Swot project management crm

SWOT analysis using your cloud CRM Project Management software (1)

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In the business world there is no single way to achieve your goals and meet your needs. In light of…

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Project managemen team

5 ways to help your Project Management team

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Project Management is undoubtedly a teamwork matter. If the team is not willing to work, under no circumstances will the project…

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Project management integration with crm

Why to integrate Project Management and CRM ?

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Many companies, no matter the size and capacities, come to a point of dealing with information silos complicating agile collaboration.  Information…

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Project management class

First Day In the Project Management Class

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Spending time socializing with “managers” (the ones spending their time “teaching” others) you often hear artistic expressions like: “project management…

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Project contigency

5 reasons on the necessity of Project Contingency!

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Projects are like crimes: rarely perfect. When planning in project management, you must always expect misfortunes, misjudgments, wrong calculations, hidden costs,…

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