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How to Boost Project Management with Automation

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Automation is a huge blessing, as it leads to increased productivity, lower operating costs, better time management, and faster ROI. That is if you know how to make the most of it. What automation can bring to the table when it comes to project management is a better-organized business and faster project delivery, decreased repetitiveness, and fewer responsibilities on your hands. So, are you up for giving automation a try? 

There are lots of ways in which automation can contribute to project management. You just have to find the best ones. Since we are already on the topic of saving time with the help of technological automation tool, let us save you some time on the search as well. Here is how you can use automation to boost project management. 

How to boost Project management with Automation | ComidorAnalyze Your Current Processes 

Before you start with the automation, you first need to determine which processes should be automated. Focus your attention on aspects of your project management that could be enhanced with technologies. 

For example, if you send numerous emails daily, you could gain a huge benefit from email automation. Using an automated tool to set up appointments and meetings can save you 80% more time.

The point of automation isn’t to lessen the number of team members. The goal is to take from your hands, repetitive tasks, and leave you more room for creative and intellectual processes.  

Define the operations that you should automate by focusing on questions such as: 

  • Which processes can be automated within our company? 
  • Which processes take most of our time? 
  • Will automating those processes improve the project’s success? 
  • What are our priorities when it comes to automation? 
  • Can our software support the requirements of automated technologies? 

Aside from analysing what could be automated, you also need to think about which processes allow for automation. Defining the automation solutions that are applicable to your project, and your company is the first step towards automation.    

Select the Automation Tools 

After you’ve established what needs to be automated, the next step is to choose the appropriate technologies. This is a big responsibility because the tools you pick will affect the outcome of the automation.   

If you research the available automation tools, you’ll realize that the choices are endless. The reason why is, that automation has become essential in project management, and the demand for automation tools is consistently increasing. Consequently, innovative minds respond to that demand with automation products. 

What you should pay attention to when choosing automation tools are their reviews. Look into the type of companies that use those tools and how do they fit into your niche. Lots of automation tools offer free trials, so you should give them a try before you make a final decision. What Comidor does, is to offer a free POC development based on organisations’ customised needs and business challenges. 

To give you a place to start, Comidor is a digital automation platform with project management functionalities such as KanBan boards and Gannt chart. Comidor’s project management tool enables users to plan and execute projects, and monitor the performance baselines during the whole project life cycle.

Help Your Team Understand the Benefits and Ways of Automation  

Automation can only reach its full potential if you have your team members on board. That’s why training your team to use automation tools is a big part of boosting your project management processes.  

Start by explaining how automation can improve your success. Emphasize that they can get more done in less time and reduce pressure by decreasing the chances of human errors. Instead of focusing on numerous tasks at once, automation will help them prioritize their obligations and get organized. 

People often believe in the misconception that multitasking is great for productivity. The fact is that multitasking can cost teams 40% of productivity because of the consistent switching between tasks. Explain to your team that automation tools will help you bring that productivity level to maximum. 

The crucial part is that you properly educate and train employees to use automation tools. If you throw the new technologies at them, you can create an even bigger mess. 

What would be of great help for your employees is to provide them with proper training in how to use the new automation tools. This is why you need to count in the training time in your schedule before the automation tools become a regular part of your workdays. 

Automation – the Present and Future of Project Management 

As project managers have realized the benefits of automation, it is slowly becoming an essential element of project management. Automation is only getting more prominent, so the sooner you get on board, the better.  

However, using the wrong project management tools for automation can lose you some valuable time (not to mention money). That’s why these tips on how to boost project management with automation can give you proper direction. Simply choose the automation methods and tools that would work best for your project and let it make your life much easier.  

Author Bio:

Donald Fomby is a Digital Marketing Specialist with a Master’s degree in Advertisement. At a relatively young age, he has already amassed impressive experience as a project manager and freelance writer. Currently, he is a valued member of the writing team at ClassyEsssay, where he is responsible for delegating and organizing new writing projects. He partakes in different projects that allow them to grow his list of experiences and expand his interests.  

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