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Using Risk Management to Improve Workflow Automation | Comidor Platform

Using Risk Management to Improve Workflow Automation

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In most situations, workflow automation and risk management could be the solution to every organization as they address problems with…

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Comparing Manual And Automated Workflow Processes | Comidor Digital Automation Platform

A Comparison Of Manual And Automated Workflow Processes

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For every business to achieve their highest level of efficiency and success, they must create unique workflows that are personalized…

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workflow simulator | Comidor Platform

Workflow Simulator

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Designing a complicated workflow can be sometimes tricky and testing might be needed before the final launch. Comidor offers Workflow…

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Why a business to benefit from Business Process Management | Comidor Low-Code BPM Platform

Why Every Company Can Benefit from Business Process Management

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In both ancient and current religion, many people have embraced the concept of the guardian angel as an assurance of…

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business process modelling - Comidor BPM

Business Process Modelling with Comidor

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Comidor specialises in business process modelling. An organisation is consisting of functions, data, business rules, organisation structure, technological rules, various…

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How to choose a Workflow Automation tool

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In a previous post, we discussed the¬†features a Workflow Automation tool should have. Sometimes though, there are many software in…

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why to use workflow automation | Comidor BPM

5 Signs you need Workflow Automation

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Why to use Workflow Automation? Workflow Automation¬†is the next step to take when you look for business performance improvement. Given…

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5 Great Reasons to Start Using Workflows Today!

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Have you ever dreamed of a working environment where business processes are fully automated and all you have to do…

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