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11 Marketing Automation Workflow Examples

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Marketing automation is the future of marketing. It enables marketers to handle their social media, email campaigns, and other daily marketing activities in a more automated and convenient way. For instance, you can set up an auto-responder to send discounts to people who buy during that time frame if you’re making a sale on your website. It will save you so much time because it’s all done automatically. Marketing automation is also great for small businesses because they don’t have time or money to hire someone just for these things. 

 In this article, we aim to walk you through the top 11 marketing automation workflow examples to give you an overview of how workflow automation can benefit your marketing activities. 

1. Automate Greeting Messages 

A welcome email is a must for subscribers who sign up for your content, and it creates the foundation of a lasting relationship with your subscribers. Moreover, it lays out some ground rules from day one – which means you should make sure it’s perfect. This workflow example shows how easily these emails can be automated, with fewer variables involved than other examples in this guide. Additionally, as part of the onboarding process, it’s essential to set up DMARC to enhance email deliverability and security, ensuring that your welcome emails reach subscribers’ inboxes reliably

Automate Greeting Messages | Comidor

2. Automate Gated Content Offering 

Lead generation is a two-way street. You need to give your prospective customers more than just information, and you also have to ask what they think. Curious about one of the most efficient ways to go with? Gated content – whereby providing something valuable in exchange (like downloadable e-books or webinars) users will provide their contact details and other helpful data such as company name, phone, etc. 

Automate Gated Content Offering | Comidor

Simple example: people who want to study French can give your CRM an email and get a PDF file with the most commonly used words. This kind of automation is simple and easy to be implemented. 

3. Automate Lead Management 

Marketing automation can make nurturing new leads more accessible and more effective. Lead nurturing aims to guide potential customers toward a conversion, which starts at the earliest possible point in their sales funnel. Your marketing workflow should start with subscriptions or requests for demos from subscribing users – this way, you can inform them about what products will best suit their needs and provide incentives that motivate people into taking action! 

Automate Lead Management | Comidor4. Automate Getting Feedback 

Client feedback is a valuable tool for improving customer service and building trust. With an automated workflow that collects customer satisfaction data, you can gather information much more efficiently. First, decide what touchpoint should trigger the request to provide feedback- maybe it’s when someone purchases something from you? Perhaps they have some other interactions that led them here today to look into how we work. Whatever their reason might be, telling us about themselves will help tailor our communication accordingly. This helps avoid gaps between what we say after hearing from them vs. reading social media posts where people leave comments. 

Automate Getting Feedback | Comidor5. Automate Onboarding 

It’s essential to onboard new employees or customers with automated emails that will help them use your site or product. You could send these follow-ups after they create an account or purchase from you, depending on when best for their needs concerning signing up and making purchases with other companies’ services/products rather than having everything come at once. It might be overwhelming if too much information was given all at once instead of gradually introducing people into what you do or offer. Hence, they know step by step how things work before going any further! 

Automate Onboarding | Comidor6. Automate Offers 

Personalized campaigns are a great way to build loyalty and keep top-of-mind with clients, especially if you offer rewards that they might find motivating, such as discounts on future purchases! 

Automate Offers | Comidor7. Automate User Acquisition (UA) 

A re-engagement marketing workflow will help boost engagement with your content and products. The first step is to define an inactive user who may have been subscribed for a while without opening any emails or buying anything from you in that period – they could be on vacation or busy being productive elsewhere! 

Automate User Acquisition | Comidor

Reach out sooner rather than later by defining how long it has been since someone last responded before entering their contact details into this system so we can get back into touch again soon. 

8. Automate Marketing Campaigns 

With the right strategy, you can successfully deliver new marketing campaigns. It requires the appropriate planning and management of the work that should be done before the campaign execution. Another important factor is the effective collaboration among the team members that participate in the project. An automated workflow helps Sales, Marketing, Advertising, and Communication teams to manage efficiently their time, meet deadlines, optimize marketing processes and achieve remarkable results. Moreover, managers are able to approve marketing material and take fast decisions, while the whole team is kept updated on the marketing campaign progress. 

Automate Marketing Campaigns | Comidor

9. Automate After-sales with Ticket routing automation

All customer service automation relies on a well-organized and well-thought-out knowledge base. Connect your resource center to your current customer service channels, such as chatbot support. Modern internet platforms for assisting individuals are frequently combined with information sources in order to provide even more support in less time. 

Automate After-sales | ComidorChatbots are rapidly advancing, but they are still confined to dealing with basic customer request tickets. More complex issues should still be handled by your staff, but intelligent automation is an important component of building a ticket routing system that can accommodate your growing customer base.  

10. Automate Lead Scoring  

 You always want to know which contacts are the most promising leads and how close they are to purchasing. You can quickly identify these prospects with just one small data point with lead scoring! It is assigning points based on prospective customers’ behavior – this helps better target marketing efforts to be more effective at converting them into sales or other actions that will generate revenue.  

Automate Lead Scoring | Comidor

11. Automate Video Creation  

 The act of employing a video editing tool to automatically produce short, engaging films you can use for marketing and promoting your content is known as automated video creation. Sifting through hours of long-form material to discover highlights and memorable moments may rapidly become time-consuming if you’re producing many pieces of long-form content each week.

You can consistently produce unique, high-quality videos by automating that process. As a result, you can swiftly test novel marketing methods while adding diversity to your content. You may quickly A/B test several format types or compare two highlights to discover which connects most with your audience. For instance, modern-day video editing websites allow users to convert text to video. This helps to automate the creation of videos from blogs.

Achieving Marketing Automation with Comidor 

 If you are ready to build your own marketing automation workflows, look no further than Comidor. Comidor has all the tools you need to achieve the ultimate marketing automation, from lead generation and management to customer journey automation and campaign planning, execution & monitoring. Contact Comidor today to learn more about the tools that can help you accelerate marketing automation! 


The tips we have mentioned in this article should help you to create a marketing strategy that works. You can use these principles for automation and data-driven decision-making, which will lead to more sales and less wasted time on ineffective strategies.  

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