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Leia Chatbot & Knowledge Base

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Leia Chatbot

Introducing Leia. Comidor’s new intelligent virtual assistant.

Every organisation deals with multistage internal processes, workflows, forms, rules, and regulations.

It’s vital for every employee to have access to essential information in order to perform their work efficiently and effectively.

Leia bot | Comidor Digital Automation Platform

Leia is an AI-enabled assistant that helps employees and teams work smarter, remotely, and more efficiently.

This chatbot can have quite an influence on how your employees experience their day-to-day duties. It can assist them in a more natural, more engaging, and ultimately, more human way. It is available at any time, and accessible at the right bottom of your screen.

Leia bot | Comidor Platform

To access the Leia chatbot, click on the chat icon at the right bottom of your screen, and a chat window will pop up.

Leia bot | Comidor Platform

  • Simply ask a question and Leia answers the question with specific data or recommends a useful reading source.
  • If the answer is large, you can see it in full view, as per Leia’s suggestion.

Knowledge base | Comidor Platform

  • Give your feedback on Leia’s answer to assist with the chatbot’s training. Simply click on Yes/No at “Was this answer helpful?”.

Leia bot | Comidor Digital Automation Platform

  • Furthermore, the user can choose to send the question via email to a pre-defined email account, in case the question is not properly answered by the bot.
    • The administrator’s email should be defined by an application parameter.
  • In case your question can be answered in multiple ways, the chatbot will suggest more than one answer. So, you can click on the one you wish to view in full view.

Other Actions

Leia’s capabilities have been enhanced, and apart from answering questions based on the Knowledgebase system, users can interact with Leia via slash commands:

  • /add

Leia can understand the “/add” command and insert records (tasks, processes, and contacts) in Comidor.

Leia add | Comidor Platform

For example, if you use the “/add” command to create a task, Leia asks proper questions to fill in mandatory fields.

Leia add | Comidor Platform

After the creation, a link with the new record is displayed. Also, the new process can be created by choosing your desired process template.

  • /quick

You can initiate an app with the “quick add” form via the chatbot.

Leia quick | Comidor Platform

When you write the “/quick” command, Leia populates a list of all “quick add” forms from the custom apps in your account. Once the desired app is chosen, Leia asks proper questions to fill in all fields from the selected form, in order to initiate a process.

Leia quick | Comidor Platform

  • clear

This command deletes the chat history.

Don’t miss any of your important upcoming meetings or activities. Leia will alert you about your upcoming tasks.

  • Leia frequently checks and alerts the user of the tasks that are scheduled for the next 30 minutes. The user receives a pop-up alert with the scheduled tasks in Leia’s chat.
  • Leia’s reminder includes the title of the upcoming task and a link to open the task in full view.

Reminder pop up | Comidor Platform

Knowledge base

Through the Comidor Knowledge base unit, you can create the brain of your Leia bot.

Leia, the AI chatbot, retrieves data from a knowledge base and delivers information instantly to the end-users.

Comidor allows you to create your own knowledge base, the central repository for all the information your chatbot needs to support your employees and answer questions.

Knowledge base | Comidor Platform

To access the Knowledge base go to Workplace > Knowledge base

Create an Answer

Click on the “+” icon to add a new record.

For every question you are able to add:

  • A category, so you can group all your answers
  • keywords separated in commas, that will be used as tags in the bot’s answers
  • The relevant answer; type a paragraph with your answer here
  • Any supportive links can be also included in your answer:
    • Add an explanatory URL link
    • Define the Quick Form JS Link Name and the Quick Form JS Link, so the user when clicking this link, a respective quick add form will appear.
    • Choose the Entity Link, from the list of all Comidor Entities (comidor units & custom apps). Then, choose the record that the user will open when clicking on this link.
  • Click on save, save and new for multiple entries or cancel.

Knowledge base | Comidor Platform

Edit an Answer

  1. Go to Workplace > Knowledge base
  2. Select one or more Sentiment Analysis records.
  3. Click on the pencil icon, apply any change you wish and then save.

Knowledge base | Comidor Platform

You can also apply multiple actions to one or more answers

  1. Select one or more records.
  2. Click on Delete to delete one or multiple records at the same time. A confirmation pop-up box appears.

Create your Model

After adding your questing and answers, you need to create your ai model.

  • Go to Workplace > Knowledge base
  • Click on the actions button>Create Model.

Knowledge base | Comidor Digital Automation Platform

Now, Leia will be equipped with all those answers!