Projects Reports and Analytics (Dashboard – People, Projects, Customers)

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Dashboard – People, Projects, Customers Managers can benefit themselves from People tab of Dashboard, which will help them make good…

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Personnel (People Management)

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  Personnel¬†(People Management) People Management helps every business organize their staff. It also automates the whole recruiting process. All Personnel…

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Job Titles (People Management)

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Job Titles Job Titles allows users to add specific Jobs with their own code and description and then match them…

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Absence Management

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Absence Management Comidor Absence Management is an essential tool for every business to ensure that Personnel absences are handled accurately…

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Skills - Skills Report

Skills (Skills Management)

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Skills¬†Management Skills management enables managers to identify Personnel depending on their skillset. “Search by Skills” and “Skills per Person” features…

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Trainings - Featured

Trainings (People Management)

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Trainings (People Management) Trainings enable the management and tracking of all Personnel Training. Users can add new Training events, create…

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Employee Applications-View

Employee Applications (People Management)

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Employee Applications Comidor Employee Applications Unit is used by Personnel for submission of personal requests that refer or not refer…

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Comidor Form Designer

Form Designer and Surveys

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Form Designer and Surveys Qualitative research can help businesses to understand not only what their customers think about their product/services…

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KPIs Comidor gives you the opportunity to check the productivity of your business. Set up your corporate, team or personal…

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