Projects - Gantt 5

1 – Projects (Project Scheduling)

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Projects (Project Scheduling) – 1  Comidor PM Module can help you deliver successful projects easily no matter the size or complexity. You may import an MS Project file, associate a…

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Resource Budgeting -3

2 – Projects (Project Cost Management Plan)

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Project Cost Management  Project Cost Management plan refers to the phase of Project Management, where you will plan, allocate and budget how much Human Resources, Materials, Equipment and Facilities are…

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Personnel Bookings - 1

3 – Projects (Resource Scheduling/Booking)

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Projects (Resource Scheduling/Booking)  Resource Scheduling/Booking is the next step a Project Manager should perform after Project Scheduling and Cost Management Planning. Project Manager schedules Personnel booking based on Project’s Requirements…

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Workpackage - 0

4 – Projects (Work Packages)

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Workpackages Workpackage is defined as the effort required to produce deliverable in a project. Talking about effort, this can be a set of tasks that can be performed from one,…

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Timesheet Through Timesheet Unit you can manage your Tasks and Expenses relavant with Project Work Packages that your manager has assigned to you. Once a Project Work Package has been…

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Resources Used -2

5 – Project Approvals (Project Tasks and Expenses Approvals)

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Project Approvals (Project Tasks and Expenses Approvals) Project Managers can approve or reject Hours spent and Expenses added by Project members in Project WorkPackages using Project Approvals. Pending Task Approvals…

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Project Performance - featured

6 – Projects (Progress & Invoicing Plan Monitoring)

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Projects (Progress & Invoicing Plan Monitoring) Project Progress Monitoring can be performed through useful Dashboard, Status Report and Gantt Chart. Progress achieved trigger Invoicing of WorkPackages. Monitoring Dashboard You can…

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Projects (Risk Management and Lessons Learned) - featured

7 – Projects (Risk Management and Lessons Learned)

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Projects (Risk Management and Lessons Learned) For successful Projects monitoring, you need to track not only risks, but also customer complaints, issues, actions, assumptions and lessons learned. Risks can be…

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Projects Reports and Analytics (Dashboard – People, Projects, Customers)

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Dashboard – People, Projects, Customers Managers can benefit themselves from People tab of Dashboard, which will help them make good decisions regarding Personnel. On top of that, Projects and Customers…

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Projects Reports and Analytics (Earned Value Analytics) - 1

Projects Reports and Analytics (Earned Value Analytics)

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Earned Value Analytics Earned Value Analytics will help you get the cost performance of a Project based on actual accomplishments, as it is difficult to evaluate Project financials using only…

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