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Tasks and Processes

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Tasks and Processes Overview In Comidor it helps to think of a Process in two ways, general and functional. General…

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Quick Reference – Glossary & Icons

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Quick Reference – Glossary & Icons   Modules Menu Icon Appears in the top bar and displays the list of…

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featured processes


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Processes Processes allows you to create entities that refer to a course of action that can be assigned and be…

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workflows | business processes | comidor

Workflows and Workflow Automation

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Workflows and Workflow Automation Comidor can virtually map and track any organizational process through its Workflow unit. Workflows fully exploit…

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user fields & forms | business processes | comidor

User Fields and User Forms

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User Fields and User Forms Sometimes, fields that are available in Components creation need to be more personalized to business…

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process templates | business processes | comidor

Process Templates

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Process Templates Process Templates give you the opportunity to have all your standardized processes in one place and have the…

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process scheduling | business processes | comidor

Process scheduling

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Process Scheduling Comidor can help you manage your processes and avoid losing valuable time on rescheduling a repetitive process. Process…

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Projects - Gantt 5

1 – Projects (Project Scheduling)

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Projects (Project Scheduling) – 1¬† Comidor PM Module can help you deliver successful projects easily no matter the size or…

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Resource Budgeting -3

2 – Projects (Project Cost Management Plan)

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Project Cost Management¬† Project Cost Management plan refers to the phase of Project Management, where you will plan, allocate and…

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Personnel Bookings - 1

3 – Projects (Resource Scheduling/Booking)

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Projects (Resource Scheduling/Booking)¬† Resource Scheduling/Booking is the next step a Project Manager should perform after Project Scheduling and Cost Management…

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