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Comidor platform offers the ability to design your own apps through App Designer, without using any coding. Comidor guides you with simple steps, in order to publish your idea.

There are various types of applications provided in Comidor App Designer. You can choose the one that fits better your needs from the following options:

  1. Table applications: 
  2. Report applications
  3. Kanban applications
  4. Portal applications

Let’s see step-by-step how to create and run a Kanban app.

Kanban Application

Kanban applications help teams create Kanban boards and visualize simple records. This application type is suitable for simple cases that do not require a workflow design and a huge amount of data to be processed. On Kanban applications, work items are represented visually on boards, which are predefined by the user. You can add new items to each board, and edit or delete them.

Furthermore, you have the possibility to easily drag-n-drop items from one board to another in order to change their category. Organize and manage everything in one place, and empower your productivity with Kanban apps.

Comidor platform offers you the ability to build your own Kanban applications through App Designer, without using any coding.

Access App Designer

In order to access App Designer go to the main menu on the left side of your screen and select the icon App Factory > Application Builder > App Designer


App Designer | Comidor Platform


In the new unit that opens, click on the button Create an App.

Create App | Comidor Platform


Create App

  • Click on the “Create an App” icon to open the creation form.Create an App | Comidor Platform
  • In the Application Type select Kanban App.

Create an App | Comidor Platform

  • Give the Application Name.
  • Choose from the list or add a new Menu Header optionBased on your selection your app will be displayed in the respective menu header with a new icon. If you leave it empty it will be included in the packages menu header.
  • You can also classify your app in a proper Category. Choose one Category from the existing options, or make a new Category. Categorization helps you find easier your apps in the App Designer. Based on the category you choose, the app is also displayed on the respective sub-menu.
  • Collaborators are the users or groups that have access rights to this App. Choose one or more users(s), Group(s) from the list.
  • There is an option to upload an Image for your App.
  • Click Save to create your App, or Close to cancel.

Once you save your app, you are redirected to the view form. Comidor guides you through simple steps to design your App. In Kanban apps, only steps 1, 3, and 5 are available.

Kanban App | Comidor Platform

1. Dashboard

In the step Dashboard, you get an overview of your application. In particular, you are able to view:

    • Quick Stats:
      • Number of Boards and Records that are created in this app
      • Graphs that show the application activity timeline and the Records per Board pie chart.
    • Basic Info:
      • the Type, Category, and other parameters
      • You can click on the pencil button to edit the above info
      • You can lock your app by checking on the Locked option. With this option, only the user that locks the app will be able to edit the app (in all steps). All the rest users will just be able to view the app, but can not edit it.App Builder sequential lock | Comidor Platform
      • By checking the Has customizations option, the application will not be exportable.
      • Put a flag to remember if this application 
    • Collaborators: the users or groups that have access rights in this App.
    • Comments: an area where users that have access can write and view comments.

2. Forms/Fields

In this step, you can design your application, by creating user fields in the Data Model tab and defining their position in the form in the Table View tab.

Data Model

You should create at least the following field types:

  1. a text field for the title of each app record
  2. a DB list according to which the records are grouped by in the Kanban boards
  3. a drop-down list for the border field
  4. a list free that fetches a list of users
  5. a date field
    • and more (text, number, value list).
  • When you open the Data model tab, you will see a sub-table with the following columns icon, label, size, column name, created by, created on, last updated by, last updated on, the pin and multi checkboxes.
  • You can see the existing and/or add all fields that you want to be used in the App here.  You can click on the “+” to create your own custom fields.
  • Click on the refresh icon, and the table should be updated.
  • Type a keyword in the search area, click enter and the table should be refreshed displaying results that match the keyword.

Kanban App data model | Comidor Platform

  • Click on an existing field, to view its basic info: By default, you will see Entity, Label, Auto-generate name, Column name, Type, Default Value, Store Type, Tooltip and Security Level. Connected Forms tab: you view the list of forms this field is used.

Table View

  • Determine which fields you wish your App to have in the main form and in which position. By default, you should see all the table fields you have created in the Data model and will be added ad columns in your application table. Each field has pencil and x buttons.Kanban App table | Comidor Platform
  • You can add more Columns, with drag-n-drop from the list of the available fields.
  • Drag and drop the field columns, in order to re-arrange their position in the Table View.
  • Click on the edit button to make any changes you need to each column.
    • Add a label name. If left empty, the column gets the field name.
    • Prefix or Suffix to be displayed before or after the value of each entry
    • Select the preferred alignment
    • Define the preferred width in percentage to be displayed as default.
    • Other options like set as Not sortable and Hidden are available, too.
    • Click save, or cancel.

Kanban App table | Comidor Platform

  • Click on the x button to remove this field from the Application table.
  • Switch to mobile view, to get a preview of your Application table in a browser of a mobile device. Choose a preferred device (mobile, tablet)

sequential app mobile preview | comidor platform

5. Configuration

In this step, make configuration of the Kanban Application. Configure the user fields for the following parameters:

  • Title Field: choose the text field you created in the data model which you want to be the title of each Kanban record.
  • Group by Field: choose the DB list field you created in the data model which you want to be the category of each Kanban record. All records are grouped by this field into Kanban boards.
  • User Field: include users in Kanban records. Choose a list-free field to fetch all or specific users.
  • Date Field: also include a date parameter in each Kanban record. Correlate a date field here.
  • Border Field: select a drop-down list field that you want to include in your Kanban app. You can also map different colours for each option of the border field from the border colours map.
    • E.g. if a Kanban record has the option Basic info in the field level, it will be highlighted in red colour, since we have specified the warning option in basic knowledge.
    • Colour options: warning(orange), info(light blue), success(green), danger(red), primary(light blue), secondary(grey), light(light grey), dark(dark grey) (see the color options here).

Kanban App configuration | Comidor Platform

When you finish the configuration step, click on the “Next: Publish” button on the top right; to move on to the next step.


Finally, click on the Publish button in order to Publish your app.App Designer publish | Comidor Platform

Your Kanban app is ready to use!

Edit App

If you want to edit an existing User App, go to the main menu on the left side of your screen and select the icon App Factory > Application Builder > App Designer. From the list of applications, select the one you wish to edit.

  • Click on the pencil button to apply any changes to the Basic info of the Kanban application.
  • You can navigate through steps 1-6 by clicking on the respective step and applying any change you wish. Do not forget to publish your changes.
  • Click on the Actions button and choose Export if you want to export the current application.
  • You can delete a User App if you wish.  Open the App you want to delete, and from the actions button, click on the Delete option.
    • A confirmation pop-up appears. Click Confirm to proceed with the deletion or cancel.App Designer delete | Comidor Platform
    • You can also check the Linked Entities that will be affected in the respective tab.App Designer linked entities | Comidor Platform
  • Finally, you can choose the copy option to copy the current application. A pop-up appears where you can define the application name of the copied app.

Run Kanban application

  • In order to view the Kanban app you have created and published through App Designer, go to the menu on the left side of your screen, and select the Packages Icon. A list of all the published apps is displayed here under the category you chose in Step 1 of App designer. In case no Category is chosen, the app is shown below Custom Apps.App in Manu | Comidor Platform
  • Select the one you wish to access and it will open in a new tab.
  • Available are as many boards as the options in the Group by field. (e.g., Skill categories).

App Builder Kanban | Comidor Platform

  • By clicking on the “+ Add New Item” icon, you can create a new record of this app on this board.

Kanban Application | Comidor Platform

  • A new form opens displaying the fields that were defined in the table step of the App Builder. Fill in the fields and click on Save to add this entry.

App Builder Kanban | Comidor Platform

  • Click on a record (any box) and apply any changes in the edit record form.
  • Drag-n-drop a record (box) from one board to another in order to change its category.

Kanban Application | Comidor Platform

  • Finally,  delete a record of your Kanban app. Click on the record (box) to be deleted, and in the edit form click the delete button. A confirmation pop-up appears.

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