Business Management

Functional Group View

Business Setup (Divisions, Companies and Regional Settings)

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Business Setup To complete the business setup Functional Groups, Divisions, Offices and Regional Settings need to be added. Regional Codes are used in Personnel setup. Currencies and Languages need to…

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Organizational Chart

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Organizational Chart One of the first and most important functions to complete in Comidor is the Organizational Chart. Organizational Chart represents the structure of the company and based on its…

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Products and Services

Products and Services

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Products & Services are billable resources that can be used in projects to identify costs and revenues related to that project.(Software, Hardware, Travel Expenses etc.). These Products & Services can…

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Lists and Filters - Featured

Lists,Filters and Process Map (Data Management)

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Lists, Filters and Process Map (Data Management) List Management helps administer data lists (Categories) which are used in other modules. All Comidor users can create public category Lists (i.e. Account categories).…

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Tags and Links - Featured

Tags and Links (Data Management)

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Tags and Links (Data Management) Comidor Tags and Links enables the connection of diverse records across Comidor (i.e. link a project to an opportunity, add the same tag to a…

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KPIs Comidor gives you the opportunity to check the productivity of your business. Set up your corporate, team or personal objectives and monitor them with KPIs. Indicators can be split…

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Comidor Forecasting

Income, Expenses, Budgeting and Forecasting (with Financial Reports)

700 241 Comidor

Income, Expenses, Budgeting and Forecasting (with Financial Reports) Comidor offers three units dedicated to finance management: Income, Expenses, Budgeting and Forecasting offering the appropriate tools to organize all business accounting data…

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Assets (Asset Utilization)

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Assets As an Asset, we mainly consider Products and Services but also anything else that can help the project’s completion (vehicles, services, hired products etc.). “Assets” unit helps in adding…

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