General Features

Quick Reference – Glossary & Icons

150 150 Comidor BPM Platform

Quick Reference – Glossary & Icons   Modules Menu Icon Appears in the top bar and displays the list of…

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Lists and Filters - Featured

Lists,Filters and Process Map (Data Management)

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Lists,¬†Filters and Process Map (Data Management) List Management helps administer data lists (Categories) which are used in other modules. All…

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Tags and Links - Featured

Tags and Links (Data Management)

1884 867 Comidor BPM Platform

Tags and Links (Data Management) Comidor Tags and Links enables the connection of diverse records across Comidor (i.e. link a…

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business intelligence

Comidor Business Intelligence (BI) Tools

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Business Intelligence (BI) Tools   Comidor also provides Business Intelligence tools such as Data Visualization and Reporting Tools. Reporting tools…

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