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Comidor Business Intelligence (BI) Tools

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Comidor provides Business Intelligence tools such as Data Visualization and Reporting Tools. Data Visualization Tools are available as different views e.g. List view, Chart view, Report View. Moreover, through the report builder, you can create customized reports. Reporting tools per unit are accessible through the Reports link and/or Actions button.

The available Views in each Unit vary.


In most Units, you will see that except the list, records can also be displayed in Graph View.graph | Comidor Platform

  1. Change Folder Categorization, apply Filters and Tags, periods and states or search for specific name and criteria records.graph | Comidor Platform
  2. Select between Time-based (with options) and Data-based Analysisgraph | Comidor Platform
  3. Focus, Print, and Export Pie Charts, Stack Charts for Data Analysis, and Column and Line Charts for Time Analysis.
  4. Select different Graph Types such as Pie, Stack, Column chart.



Comidor Business Intelligence tools offer plenty of predefined reports as well as a report builder tool for customized reports. Comidor Reports unit doesn’t come as a separate Comidor package; to the contrary, the Reports are embedded in each of the modules (Enterprise Collaboration, BPM, Project Management, CRM, Business Administration).

Comidor Analysis with Query Builder

With the analysis function, each user can literally find, filter, format, and classify any kind of information from a single or multiple interconnected unit. Almost all Comidor Units come with this powerful Business Intelligence mechanism which allows users to create any kind of View on-demand. Views are SQL queries and can be simple or as complex as the case orders. Views in Comidor are simple to create through the Analytics option on top of the page. The user can create a new view simply by selecting the desired Unit’s table fields and drag-and-drop these to the Views Build window. Doing so, the SQL query is automatically built for the user.

Users can execute, save, modify or delete views. The true power of Views lies in the Analytics mechanism which is capable of linking information from different units and thus creating complex SQL queries which upon execution, offer results of unprecedented value and clarity. For example, a user can create a view that combines information from the Tasks, Projects, Opportunities, Accounts, and Contacts units just by selecting the associated units and their fields!

For Report View:

BI Tools | Comidor Platform


  1. Utilize Data Management options, using Tags, Filters and Search and View drop-down lists to find the data you want to act upon.
  2. Sort and Group data by specific criteria. See results updated below. You can see even the Sums only.
  3. Click on Print View or Export View buttons to print and export these data.

    BI Tools | Comidor Platform

  4. You can edit this Query builder’s report and adjust SQL queries upon your criteria.
    • Click on Edit Query and a pop-up window opens. Click on Reset to erase all SQL queries or Drag-and-drop queries from the Query builder list on the left.
    • Execute to see the updated results.
  5. On top of that, you can click on Custom View, to create a New View and have it saved in order to re-use it.
    • Click on Custom Views. Select New View from the list.

      BI Tools | Comidor Platform

    • Click on the “+” sign to expand the tree-list, drag-and-drop SQL queries from the list on the left to the text box on the right. Click on Execute the Query.
    • Save the Query.
      • A new pop-up window appears. Give a name on the new view. Click OK to save it.

Print/Export an Analysis:

Comidor provides you the flexibility of Printing and Exporting reports.

export options | Comidor Platform

  1. Click on the Print View or Export View button on a Comidor unit.
  2. If you selected Export View, a box will appear that will ask whether you want to print All pages or the Current page.
    export options | Comidor Platform
  3. By pressing OK, the file will be immediately downloaded to your computer.