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Site Analytics 789 562 Comidor Low-code Automation Platform

How about tracking your website traffic straight from Comidor CRM? You can monitor and check who has visited your website and when to see analytics and get an overview of your site flow.


Procedure of Site Analytics

In order to access Site Analytics go to Modules Menu Icon> Reports & Analytics > Analytics > Site Analytics.

Site Analytics | Comidor Low-code BMP Platform

When entering Site Analytics, the first thing should be to get familiar with the actions and tools that this Unit provides you with. From the 3-bar button at top right, user can take a script from the “Generate Script” option and put it in the website would like to track. Then, the user can see the website “visits” as entries in the Site Analytics general view. For every new session, information about the date-time of the session, the browser used, the IP address, the operating system, etc. are provided. These are also folder divided into Direct, Referral, Search engine, Social Network made entries.

Also, the user can set up events and scenarios in order to convert the data taken into valuable information and from the block requests option, he/she can set IPs that are not interested in.

site analytics/comidor low-code bpm platform

Finally, and most importantly, the user can view the overall progress as a data report from the Site Analytics dashboard by changing the time range.

site analytics/comidor low-code bpm platform

Some sections that are provided are the # of visits for the event/scenarios metrics user has set, # total visitors and #of total events graphs, popular event-landing pages, # of visits per IP, history of each IP, etc.

Site Analytics | Comidor Low-code BMP Platform

Last but not least, users can check funnel reports that can inform them about the # and the % of visitors that went from a specific event to another event, and so on.

site analytics funnel/comidor low-code bpm platform

Example Scenario

A Digital Marketing Manager can link Comidor Site Analytics with the company’s website and monitor website traffic from this point. Data that previously were not leveraged from the company, can now be turned into numbers, graphs, and KPIs. From the Dashboard option, can take graphs that can be used in the following Change marketing strategy meeting. On top of that, from the Funnel option, the manager can check how many people that have clicked in a specific Event X, have then selected the option Y and lead in the Event Z and think how to achieve better results through that successful sequence flow.