Business Automation

RPA featured | Comidor Platform

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) 789 592 Comidor BPM Platform

Robotic Process Automation Comidor RPA elements allow you to automate and manage repetitive tasks. With the new RPA Caller and…

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Workflow Simulator featured | Comidor Platform

Workflow Simulator

Workflow Simulator 789 592 Comidor BPM Platform

Designing a complicated workflow can be sometimes tricky and testing might be needed before the final launch. Comidor offers Workflow…

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App creation with NLP | Comidor Platform

App Creation in 4 steps with NLP

App Creation in 4 steps with NLP 789 592 Comidor BPM Platform

In order to build an application for your business, you no longer need highly skilled developers. Comidor platform enables everyone to…

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App builder featured | Comidor Platform

App Builder

App Builder 789 592 Comidor BPM Platform

Comidor platform offers you the ability to build your own table apps through App Builder, without using coding. Making simple…

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Workflow automation | Comidor Platform

Workflows and Workflow Automation

Workflows and Workflow Automation 789 592 Comidor BPM Platform

Comidor can virtually map and track any organizational process through its Workflow unit. Workflows fully exploit the organizational structure to…

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Workflow reports | Comidor Platform

Workflow Reports

Workflow Reports 789 592 Comidor BPM Platform

Workflow Reports Comidor provides Business Intelligence tools such as Data Visualization, Reporting Tools, and Workflow Reports. Get real-time insights about…

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Process template featured | Comidor Platform

Process Templates

Process Templates 789 592 Comidor BPM Platform

Process Templates give you the opportunity to have all your standardised processes in one place and have the guidelines to…

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Notification Services featured | Comidor Platform

Notification Services

Notification Services 789 592 Comidor BPM Platform

Notification Services can be triggered according to specific conditions that users define. A notification can be linked with Processes in…

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Campaigns and Campaign Templates | Comidor Digital Automation Platform

Campaigns and Campaign Templates

Campaigns and Campaign Templates 789 562 Comidor BPM Platform

Use Campaign Templates to create the Campaign content and apply it the Campaign process order to promote new products/services, send…

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widgets | Comidor Platform


Widgets 789 592 Comidor BPM Platform

Comidor offers an easy way to create visual reports via Widgets. By taking advantage of the data that is stored…

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