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Workflow Simulator

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Designing a complicated workflow can be tricky sometimes. Comidor offers Workflow Simulator, where users are able to perform testing and optimizing their processes. This tool enables users to pilot different scenarios and make predictions and forecasts about the results of processes. With Workflow simulator, users can also find errors that would not be identified in the initial steps of workflow designing.

Create Workflow Simulator

In order to access the Workflow Simulator go to the App Factory icon > Process Automation> Workflow Simulator. 

Workflow Simulator | Comidor Platform

A new Unit Action Tab appears with the name Workflow Simulator in the Active Units Bar.

  1. Click on the “+” button to open the creation form
  2. In the Basic Info, give a Title for your Simulation
  3. Select the Workflow that you wish to simulate from the list with the existing workflow designs
  4. Define how many iterations you want this simulation to run
  5. Click on Save to Save this Simulation.

Workflow Simulator | Comidor Platform

Simulation Design

In the new tab that opens, from the forms on the left side menu select Design. In this section, you can build your scenario cases by giving specific or random values to the custom and database fields that belong to the workflow you want to simulate. Keep in mind that if you have set required fields in the forms of your workflow, you have to include them in the Simulation design phase, too.


Workflow Simulator | Comidor Platform

  1. Add a new Scenario. Type the Name of your scenario in the pop-up box.
  2. Click on + Add field to create a new row of field
  3. Select a database or custom field by typing its name
  4. Depending on the type of field you have chosen, type a value in a text/number field, select an option in a drop-down field, select a date from the calendar in a date field or check a checkbox field
  5. Alternatively, select random option and workflow simulator will randomly assign a value to the field
  6. You can delete a field from the simulation design by clicking on “-“
  7. Finally, click on Publish when you have completed the simulation design
  8. After adding all the fields you wish and building your scenario, you are ready to start the Simulation. Click on select Run Simulation.
  9. Delete the existing scenario.

Manage Scenarios

While having open an existing Workflow Simulator, go to the Design tab, from the left side menu to manage your existing Scenarios.

  • Select a scenario from the list
  • Apply any changes you wish
  • Click on Publish
  • You can also Delete the selected ScenarioWorkflow Simulator | Comidor Platform

Simulation Processes

When the simulation process is completed, you will be able to see all the simulation processes that were produced, in the respective tab on the left-side menu.

Workflow Simulator | Digital Automation Platform

You can also find all processes that were created from the workflow Simulator in the Generic Processes table.

  • You can click on any of the simulation processes to see its state, workflow tasks and if you have made any errors in the workflow design
  • Monitor all actions that took place in each simulation, from the Workflow audit of each process
    • If you have selected fixed values in the simulation design phase all simulation processes will have the same state and have followed the same path in the workflow
    • If you have selected random values at least in one field in the simulation design phase, simulation processes will have a random outcome (state, workflow tasks)
  • In order to run a new simulation, you have to delete the existing simulation processes first. From the actions button o the top-left of your screen, select Delete existing processes. A pop-up notification will appear informing you about the number of processes and subprocesses that were deleted. Note that, those processes will be also deleted from the generic processes table.

Workflow Simulator | Comidor Platform

Simulation Analytics

Get a full view of workflow simulation processes that you created in Simulation Analytics. From the left-side menu, select Simulation Analytics.

  • Use analytics filters to get results for a specific Team or specific User. Select a Team or User from the drop-down lists and click Refresh.
    • If you don’t apply filters, you will get total results
  • In analytics totals, you can get information about:
    • how many instances occurred; this refers to the iteration we set in the summary tab and basically is the number of simulation processes
    • how many tasks were triggered in total in all instances
    • an average number of tasks per instance
    • instances per state in total, in a pie chart display

Workflow Simulator | Comidor Platform

    • Number of total and delayed Tasks per team and Tasks per User are depicted in horizontal bar graphs


  • In the analytics preview, you can see the workflow design that you have selected in the summary.
    • Tasks that were activated at least once in the simulation are highlighted with a green border
    • In each task, there is also added a Total number and percentage of instances that this task was created. Based on the scenario that was built in the simulation scenario, each task might have a different total number and percentage.
    • Change the analytics filter and select a team or a user, and in the preview, you will see only the tasks that were assigned to this particular team/user.

Workflow Simulator | Comidor Platform


Manage Simulations

In order to access the Workflow Simulator go to the Quick Add menu on the left side of your screen and select the last icon App Factory. From the options available, choose Workflow Simulator. 

Alternatively, you can also access Workflow Simulator from Modules Menu Icon > Business Automation > Workflow Simulator

A new Unit Action Tab appears with the name Workflow Simulator in the Active Units Bar.

  • Select the workflow simulation that you wish to edit
  • Click on the pencil button
  • Apply the changes you wish and click on Save
  • From the actions button on the top left, you can also Delete the simulation or Print the current view

Workflow Simulator | Comidor Platform

  • You can also delete one or more workflow simulations, from the Workflow simulation table. Check one or more entries from the Workflow simulation table and click on delete.

Workflow Simulator | Comidor Platform