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The New Era of Public Sector Automation

The New Era of Public Sector Automation 800 534 Comidor Low-code Automation Platform

In many countries, the public sector is the main sector that struggles from manual processes. A lot of paperwork is needed and this is the main cause of bureaucracy. These excessively complicated administrative procedures need to be eliminated. The adoption of new emerging technologies such as Blockchain and BPM platforms will lead to  automation and digital transformation in the public sector.

Why is public sector automation important?

There are many reasons why automated processes are crucial in the public sector:

  • Accomplish More with Less Effort: Public organizations handle a lot of kind of incidents every day. The completion of these issues will be achieved in less time if it is handled within an automated platform.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Reducing the completion time of issues makes the customers more satisfied. Fast reactions always make a positive impact and improve customer’s experience.
  • Improved Decision Making: When processes are automated and run within a BPM platform, data is generated which enables the public authorities to examine every option thoroughly and have a clear overview of the organization’s performance.

The benefits of combining BPM platforms with Blockchain technology

A BPM platform automates the processes of an organization but Blockchain technology empowers these systems to be interconnected and exchange valuable information.

1. Immutability and confidentiality  

Many public organizations exchange valuable documents and confidential information. Blockchains ensure that those documents are never deleted or removed. Immutability is one of the most essential features of a blockchain as data are kept safe on the contrary to the traditional databases that public organizations simply store their data. Additionally, privacy and governmental records will remain private. Even if a public organization requests some information for an issue from another organization, data will flow within the chain of blocks without any fear of data leakage The importance of immutability and confidentiality is evident if someone takes into account that almost 78% of businesses in the US have experienced a cyber attack while one-third of US consumers have suffered from data breaches.

2. Efficient and fast processes 

With the implementation of a Blockchain network, which connects different public organizations that run BPM systems, processes are handled faster and more efficiently. This increased efficiency, as a result of the public sector automation, brings a solid cost reduction in every operation. As bureaucracy is diminished, paperwork becomes less, and employees execute their tasks errorless in a higher speed. Having said that, their productivity is increased, and this results in expenses reduction for every public organization that is integrated into this Blockchain network. 

3. Waste reduction 

Currently, many processes of organizations in the public sector require document verification, multi-step registrations and a lot of paperwork to be completed. The majority of these processes need to be recorded in papers in order to keep track of all the steps that have been finalized or are in pending status. A Blockchain network implementation is going to eliminate the paper waste of those actions and will provide a more friendly approach to environmental issues that concern governments all around the world. 

Comidor BPM and Blockchain

Public organizations have already started realizing the benefits of automating their procedures. However, they have not realized that there is still a need of a network that interconnects all these systems and lets them operate within the same environment. The adoption of new emerging technologies is highly recommended for successful public sector automation. BPplatforms, such as Comidor, and Blockchain networks are capable of bringing massive benefits to society and combat bureaucratic and corruption trends that occur in many countries around the world. 

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