Customer Relations

tickets | Comidor Platform


Tickets 790 562 Comidor BPM Platform

Comidor’s Ticketing system can help organizations handle their Issues and monitor the progress of their resolving path. Tickets are connected…

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Leads v.6| Comidor Platform


Leads 789 592 Comidor BPM Platform

Comidor Leads Unit offers you a dedicated area to your leads for exploiting your chances to convert them into valuable…

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Opportunities featured | Comidor Platform


Opportunities 789 592 Comidor BPM Platform

Comidor Opportunities allow the in-depth monitoring of potential deals. Opportunities are coming as a second level in the Comidor CRM…

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Campaigns and Campaign Templates | Comidor Digital Automation Platform

Campaigns and Campaign Templates

Campaigns and Campaign Templates 789 562 Comidor BPM Platform

Use Campaign Templates to create the Campaign content and apply it the Campaign process order to promote new products/services, send…

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contracts v6.0 v.6| Comidor Platform


Contracts 789 592 Comidor BPM Platform

Comidor Contracts Unit helps your business organize any kind of contract either with your clients or not. All Contracts can…

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