Quick Reference – Glossary & Icons

150 150 Comidor BPM Platform

Quick Reference – Glossary & Icons


Modules Menu Icon

Appears in the top bar and displays the list of available modules for the logged in user. Users
can navigate to sub-menus from the modules.

Actions Icon

Select and perform different functions e.g. link, notify, email, delete, print

Pencil Icon

Display and edit the current view

Pencil and Paper Icon

Display options and allows users to select those options e.g. data to display for reports

+ Icon

Add items and objects e.g. Skills, Processes, Tasks

Comment Icon

Add comments on objects e.g. Accounts, Topics, Personnel

Earth Icon

Found in the file attachments area and allows the user to upload a URL to an object

Full View Icon

View the summary information (process etc) in full view mode to display detailed information

Attachments Icon

Attach files and documents to objects from the Quick Add menu e.g. processes

Quick Add Icon

A shortcut to the quick add menu which gives users various options to add objects e.g. contacts,
accounts, tasks or perform actions e.g. create an email, run a process or submit an absence

Save Options

  • Save – save the current input and return to the previous screen
  • Save and New – save the current input and open the form again to create a new item
  • Save and Notify – save the current input and notify both internal (internal notifications) and external users (via external emails – email connection is required)
  • Cancel – discard the current input and return to the previous screen