Enterprise Collaboration

Timesheet featured | Comidor Platform


Timesheet 789 592 Comidor BPM Platform

Through Timesheet Unit you can manage your Tasks and Expenses relevant to Project Work Packages that your manager has assigned…

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chat | Digital Transformation and Automation


Chat 790 562 Comidor BPM Platform

Comidor Chat allows the user to communicate with other colleagues internally. The chat offers both text messaging and video calls.…

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events v.6| Comidor Platform


Events 789 592 Comidor BPM Platform

Comidor provides the ability to create and manage events where users can confirm their participation. Events are a different type…

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Tasks (Task Management Tools) v.6| Comidor Platform

Tasks (Task Management Tools)

Tasks (Task Management Tools) 789 592 Comidor BPM Platform

Comidor Tasks offer a reliable and transparent approach to Task Management. It manages personal tasks, team tasks, assigned tasks and…

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Calendar v.6| Comidor Platform


Calendar 789 592 Comidor BPM Platform

Comidor provides a fully interactive calendar where you can monitor your activities (tasks, meetings, assignments, events, etc) and orders (assigned…

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notifications v.6| Comidor Platform


Notifications 789 592 Comidor BPM Platform

Comidor Notifications and Reminders (N&R) form the backbone of Comidor Communication. While Comidor offers many standard communication tools (Emails, internal…

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Files v.6| Comidor Platform

Files (Enterprise Document Management)

Files (Enterprise Document Management) 789 592 Comidor BPM Platform

Comidor offers a complete Document Management System (DMS) to manage your documents and files efficiently. Comidor DMS provides built-in integration…

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wikis v.6| Comidor Platform


Wikis 789 592 Comidor BPM Platform

Wikis were originated from a little shuttle bus system in Hawaii and means ‘’quick’’ in the Hawaiian language. That is…

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notes v6.0| Comidor Platform


Notes 789 592 Comidor BPM Platform

Comidor Notes enables users to record important data and information and then share and link that information with other users…

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