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Comidor provides a fully interactive calendar where you can monitor your activities (tasks, meetings, assignments, events, etc) and orders (assigned tasks) on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can view your group tasks and the organizations’ non-private tasks. Comidor Calendar offers a workload overview for an individual or a team in terms of time which enables improved scheduling.

Comidor Tasks is an alternative way of monitoring and viewing your Tasks.

You can also view and monitor your Calendar from Workbench and Notifications Bar.

To access the Calendar go to Workplace > Calendar.


Views (based on time period)

By default, the pre-selected view for the Calendar is in a monthly schedule, but weekly and daily schedules are also available

Navigate through previous or following weeks/months by clicking on the arrows on the top right of the calendar. Navigate back on today’s tasks by clicking on Today.

Calendar v.6.2 | Comidor Platform

  1. Click on Week to see Tasks for the current week

You will see tasks of the current week and you can still navigate to previous/following weeks with the arrows

  1. Click on Day to see Tasks in a daily view. Navigate to other days with arrows
    and move back on Today’s tasks by clicking on Today, to move to other days with arrows, and move back on Today’s tasks by clicking on Today, too.

Views (based on status)

The calendar has two distinctive views:

calendar views v.6.2| Comidor Platform

  • All tasks: View all tasks and orders regardless of their state (completed and pending)
  • Only pending: View only the pending scheduled tasks/orders

Views (based on accountability)

The Calendar has different views depending on the accountability of the tasks. The default view is where users see the tasks assigned to them regardless of the groups they belong to.

  1. Click on Assignments to see the tasks that you have assigned to other Comidor users. Select the user to whom you would like to see the assignments you assigned and view the assigned tasks.

orders - calendar v.6.2| Comidor Platform

Users names displayed will be only from users that are members in the same groups as you in the Organizational Chart.

  1. Click on Personal/ Group to see the tasks that are assigned to a group(s) that you are a member of. If you are a member of multiple groups, there is a list where you can select one from the groups you are a member of 
  2. Click on Supervised by Group to view tasks that have been assigned to a group that you are a member of. If you are a member of multiple groups a list will be displayed where you can select the group 
  3. Click on All to see your tasks, your assignments, your group tasks, and tasks supervised by your group(s)


Every task has a specific color on the side (indicating task status) and can also have a different text color (indicating the type of task).

Calendar - Colours v.6.2| Comidor Platform


Side colors:

  • Orange: Scheduled (overdue or due today)
  • Running: Blue
  • Green: Completed
  • Purple: Scheduled (upcoming)
  • Grey (paused)
  • Yellow: on Leave

When you cancel a task the whole task is greyed-out. Events are displayed in light red and a task is displayed above them where you have chosen to participate.

Create a Task from the Calendar

  1. From the Calendar view click on a specific date that you want to add a task to
  2. A pop-up window appears with a quick form to add a new task

Quick add Task - Calendar v.6.2| Comidor Platform

  • Add the title of the task. This is one of the mandatory fields in order to save the task
  • Select who will do this task from the drop-down list (Assigned to). You can select users, group leader, or group. If you select a group from the group leader options, this task will be assigned and added to this group’s team leader(s) calendar. Should you select a group from the group options, this task will be assigned and added in the group members’ calendar
    • In the event that a group has more than one group leader, this task will be assigned and displayed in each group leaders’ calendar
    • When a task is assigned to a group, this task will be displayed in group members’ calendars
    • For each specific user, you are selecting, a message appears detailing the number of hours that the user is engaged in other tasks
  • “Supervised by” will be the group that will supervise the execution and completion of this task
  • Task type – select from Work, Appointment, Meeting, Event, Phone, Reminder, Travel, or Private Task
  • Fill in the scheduled start and end dates ( ) and times ( )
  • Scheduled duration will be the time that you think this task will last; the suggestion of the calculated duration is given based on Personnel (Assignee) Schedule
  • Link this task with a Process, Account, and Contact simply by clicking on the magnifying glass icon to search and find
  • Add a Description for the task
  • Click on Save and see the task displayed in the Calendar

Edit a Task from the Calendar

  1. From the Calendar view, click on a task that you want to edit. You can view information about the task status, scheduled duration, task assignee, related account name, suggested scheduled start time and date, and task title

task execution - Calendar v.6.2| Comidor Platform

  1. A pop-up window appears.
    • Click on Start to confirm that the task started at the suggested scheduled date and time or
    • change the actual starting date and time and then click Start or
    • Click on the Start Now button at the case that you have just started the task

The task status will change from Scheduled to Running.

  1. If you need to pause the task click on the task in the calendar and in the pop-up window that appears, fill in the actual duration to-date and click on the pause
  2. To re-start a task that has been paused, click on the task in the calendar. Then in the pop-up window that appears you can either press Start if the task has started on the suggested scheduled time and date, or change accordingly and then click on Start
  3. When you want to set a task as complete, click
    • Complete Now, if you finished the task in the suggested scheduled time and date, or
    • Fill in the correct end date and time and click on Complete
  4. To view any task or edit the details click on it in the calendar view and then press View/Edit Task to View the Task in Tasks Unit

Cancel Task button will change the task status to Canceled

Delete Task button will delete the task.

Click on X to exit the pop-up window.

When a user has assigned a task to you the delete option is not available.

Sync Comidor Calendar

Are you using multiple Calendars? Our innovative functionality allows you to effortlessly view all your assigned tasks from Comidor in multiple calendars. Stay organized, stay on top of deadlines, and never miss a beat again. Simplify your life and boost your productivity with Sync Comidor Calendar.

  • Go to Workplace > Calendar.
  • Click on the “Get your Public Calendar URL”
  • A pop-up appears where you can copy the Public Calendar URL of your user. Click “Copy URL”

  • Then, go to the Calendar you would like to sync (e.g. Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, etc.).
  • Add a new Calendar From URL in the Settings and paste the copied Comidor Calendar URL. Finally, click Add calendar.Public URL Calendar | Comidor Platform