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Workbench 789 592 Comidor Low-code Automation Platform

The Workbench provides an overview of any information relevant to Business Processes, Emails, Notifications, and Tasks. The Workbench also gives the ability to connect an Email or notification to a process or task just by dragging and dropping.

Comidor Workbench is an easy way of monitoring the Tasks, Processes, Notifications, Calendar, and Mailbox in one place.


Workbench View and Actions

To access the Workbench: Go to My Comidor > Workplace > Workbench.

You will see the respective tabs:

The Actions Icon on the top left allows you to refresh all open tabs in the Workbench and customize which objects are shown.

Actions Icon - Workbench v.6.2| Comidor Platform

workbench settings v.6.2| Comidor Platform

  1. To create a new Process click on the + Icon at the top of the Processes tab. For a new Email click on the same icon next to Activity Stream and for a new Task click the icon next to Tasks.

workbench v.6.2| Comidor Platform

Processes in Workbench

2. View and manage all types of Process (Generic Processes, Opportunities, Projects, Events, Issues, Employee Requests, Surveys, Topics)Processes - Workbench v.6.2| Comidor Platform

3. Search for a specific Process title or Account name and then click on the refresh button. Filter the Processes by their State. Choose between Active (which includes Opened, Confirmed, Scheduled, Running),  or just the Running ones.

  • Apply filters such as Start, Finish, Importance, Priority, Descriptionapply filters - processes workbench v.6.2| Comidor Platform
    • Group the Processes by Type/Category, Scheduled Start Date, Scheduled Finish Date, Responsible Group or AccountGroup by Type- Category v.6.2| Comidor Platform

Summary of process - workbench v.6.2| Comidor Platform

  1. By clicking on a specific process of any type a summary will appear at the bottom of the screen
  2. Monitor the Process from here – a pop-up summary provides a range of information and features:
    • Basic information e.g. State and Process relation with a specific Account, Contact or Workflow
    • Time information such as remaining time to finish, task completion percentage or workload in hours percentage
    • Tracking the State of the Process through quick buttons (ability to Postpone the process)
    • The Full View Icon will redirect to a full process summary and allow you to edit the process
    • Process Actors gives a summary of everyone involved in the process
    • Other related objects such as Sub-Processes can be created or displayed along with Tasks. Check related Comidor objects (Accounts, Messages, Files, etc) that are Linked with this process or add a new Link (in the “Other” dropdown menu). Upload Files directly to the process or attach files with their URL by clicking on the Earth Icon

attachments - workbench processes v.6.2| Comidor Platform

    • Discussion board to communicate with colleagues about the process. Click on Open Editor to use an enriched HTML Editor to upload images, customize text or add emoticons. Click on the Comment Icon to add a new Note. People or Groups that are added in the “Send notification to” field of this Process will receive a Notification when someone adds a comment.
  1. Click on the down-arrow in the middle of the screen at the top of the process summary to close the pop-up Process window.

Activity Stream in Workbench

Activity Stream - workbench v.6.2| Comidor Platform

  1. View all Emails, Messages, and Notifications and group them using filters:
    • Click on the + Icon to send an email.
    • Search any Email, message or notification that you have received by subject, account (when relevant to the email or process) or date
    • Group activities by Date, Folder or Account
    • Group activity by Folder to see the following
      • Priority Notification: These Notifications inform the user when a new task/process is added when it’s time to start a new one when someone has shared a folder or an old task/process has been completed. Reminders can also be found here. These Notifications are also displayed in the Notifications tab in the Notifications bar.
      • Notification: When someone has commented on a Process (of any type) or Task a Notification is shown here in the activity stream. Choose to notify user(s) about a Comidor object and Notifications will be shown here. These Notifications are also displayed in the Notifications tab in the Notifications bar.

Activity stream - group by folder v.6.2| Comidor Platform

  • Internal Inbox: Internal messages from other Comidor users that are connected are found here. These Emails will also remain in the Notifications bar until they are marked as completed
  • Priority Inbox: Emails from Comidor objects such as Contacts or Accounts that are not yet connected are found here. These Emails will remain in the Notifications bar until they are marked as complete
  • Inbox: Emails from people not on the Comidor platform are found here (e.g. customers and suppliers). These Emails are also visible (depending on personal User Settings)) in the Notifications bar until marked as completed
    • Click on “x” to dismiss a Notification
    • Click on “√” to mark Message/Emails as complete
  1. Choose a Notification or Priority Notification in the Activity stream. A pop-up window appears showing more detailed information about the notification.notification - workbench v.6.2| Comidor Platform
  2. Click on an email or message and a pop-up page appears
    • The sender, subject and body of the Email will be shown
    • Mark this Email as Complete, Add a quick Task or Add a quick Process. Create a Task or Process with this email
    • Click on the button on the top right of the pop-up page to open the Email in a new tab on the Active Units Bar
  3. Click on the down-arrow in the middle of the screen to close the pop-up Process window

Calendar in Workbench

  1. View all the tasks in the Comidor Workbench filtered by Task priority:
    • Click on the + Icon to Create a new Task.
    • Click on refresh to see any new tasks in the Calendar
    • The drop-down menu allows filtering the Calendar to show all tasks or only certain types of tasks and orders
    • Navigate through different days using the blue arrows which will refresh the Calendar accordinglycalendar in workbench v.6.2 | Comidor Platform
  2. Click on a Task and a pop-up page appears. For more information on this see the Tasks User Guide

calendar - task v.6.2| Comidor Platform

  • View the Basic Task Info, Task Description and Key Dates related to the task
  • If the Task has already been started, execution info will be partially completed
  • If a repetition plan has been created for this Task it will be shown
  • Any Report that has been added to this task will be shown
  • Get the task info by reviewing its Relations. Find or add related Accounts, Contacts, Files, Processes, and other related Comidor objects. The main related objects are displayed separately. Clicking on any Comidor object will direct to that object’s page
  • View existing Assets or add a new one. Request physical assets such as a company car or a financial asset such as a company credit card
  • View or add sub-tasks to this Task and get information about their state, times and priority status

attachment on task on workbech v6.2| Comidor Platform

  • Upload Files or add links to files using a URL by clicking on the Earth Icon
  • The Discussion board allows those involved in the process to communicate with each other. Click on Open Editor to use an enriched HTML Editor where you can customize the text and upload images or emoticons. Click on the Comment Icon to add a new comment
  • Change the Task state by clicking on the task and then clicking on the relevant Task state in the top right of the pop-up window. The pop-up window can then be closed by clicking the down arrow at the top of the pop-up window

Tip: Assignor and assignees of this Task will receive a Notification when a user adds a new comment.

Workbench Smart Actions

To access Workbench:

  1. Go to My Comidor > Workplace > Workbench.
  2. When a process has been created, an Email address has been connected to Comidor, Notifications have been received and Tasks are due for the current date then the Processes, Activity Stream, Calendar and Tasks tabs will be shown
  3. Drag a received notification, message or email and drop it onto the appropriate entity (such as a Task or a Process) to link them together