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Wikis were originated from a little shuttle bus system in Hawaii and means ‘’quick’’ in the Hawaiian language. That is exactly the role of Wikis in Comidor. It’s a great method of quickly and efficiently transferring knowledge inside and around the company. Maintain the business knowledge database through Comidor’s Wikipedia-style pages. Types of Comidor Wiki pages can include Introduction Tutorials, Reference Manuals, or Integrated YouTube videos. Users can search, edit, publish or unpublish, delete, print, export to PDF, or see the history of an existing Wiki page.

Create a Wiki

  1. To access Wikis go to Workplace > Wikis
  2. Click on the + icon to create a new Wiki page

Wikis creation v.6.2| Comidor Platform

  • Add the Title of the Wiki
  • Add a new Category or select one from the list
  • Add any useful Link for the Wiki

The link of the Wiki appears in the right panel and is clickable.

The link can be any URL of a website, image, video, etc.

  • Upload any Video relevant to the Wiki.
  • Upload any File relevant to the Wiki.
  • Write the Content in enriched HTML Editor and any Notes by clicking on the second tab ‘Notes’   

Click on Save to add the new Wiki.

After saving the wiki, you can see a preview of the files on the right side of the screen.

preview wikis v.6.2| Comidor PlatformIn order for other users to be able to view the Wiki, you have to click on Publish. publish wikis v.6.2| Comidor Platform

Then, choose user or Group you want this Wiki to be visible and who can be the Editors of this Page. Then, click Save.editors of page - wikis v.6.2| Comidor Platform

Find and Edit a Wiki

  1. To access Wikis go to Workplace > Wikis
  2. Find an existing Wiki:Edit wikis v.6.2| Comidor Platform
  • Type keywords in the search box and either press enter or
  • Identify the Wiki you are looking for through its Wiki’s Category
  • Identify the Wiki you are looking for through the Wiki Page’s Title
  1. Click on the Wiki Page Title
  2. Read and carry out multiple actions on the Wiki:

All Wikis actions are only available when you click on a specific Wiki on the left panel.
actions - wiki v.6.2| Comidor Platform

  • Edit the Wiki by clicking the Pencil Icon

edit page wikis v.6.2| Comidor Platform

A new pop up window appears. Edit the information as required, make any changes in the Content tab using the enriched HTML Editor, add extra Notes in that tab and inform colleagues about Changes in the 3rd tab. Click Save to add the Wiki or Cancel to close the create a form or close the window (X).

Anything added in the Notes form appears on the panel to the right of the Wiki.

  • Click on the Delete button to delete the Wiki. A confirmation box will open. Click on Yes to confirm the deletion or No to go back to the view form or close the window (X)
  • Click on the Print Button to open the Wiki in a new tab to print it. Follow the browser’s default printing procedure

When in a Wiki you can only print that specific Wiki.

  • Click on the Print Icon to Export the Wiki to PDF. A new tab opens to download and save it as a PDF file. Follow the browser’s default downloading procedure