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Comidor Home Guide

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The default screen in Comidor is the Home page. You can monitor what is happening during the day, view upcoming tasks or trending processes, and navigate to your Workbench and Dashboard.


Using the Home Page

To access the Home page at any point click on the Home tab in the active units bar.

A welcome message will be displayed with your name and the current date and time. Hovering the mouse over your name will show the quick information which is also visible to colleagues. Clicking on your name will direct you to your profile. In the top right-hand corner are five icons for notifications, messages, news, calendar, and processes.

Home | Comidor Platform


Hovering the mouse over “teammates” will display who is in your team and who is on leave from your team. View the Events or Tasks that are scheduled to start today. Hovering the mouse over the company name will display quick information about the company and clicking on the name will redirect you to the company’s account page.

Below this there is a view of the:

  • Upcoming tasks
  • Trending process
  • Personal and team monthly metrics

Click on the Workbench and it will open the workbench page. Check the activity stream, processes, and tasks that are active.


The Menu Icon, the search bar, and the notifications, messages, news, calendar, and processes icons can be found on the top of the screen. While using Comidor these features will always remain at the top of the screen.


The search bar allows for searching the entire Comidor application for any entity or object and also allows the search results to be filtered. By clicking on the Application tab the search can be expanded to include Memos and Files. After the search results are shown the results can be filtered on the left-hand side and relevant results will show on the right.

Home | Comidor Platform




Home | Comidor Platform


If Comidor is open but not currently being worked on (i.e. visible) and a new notification is received within Comidor a desktop notification will be displayed. These notifications can be configured within the browser settings.

Notification | Comidor Platform

Next to the notification bar, the user image will be displayed; clicking it opens the User Settings. In User Settings:

  • Edit the personal information in Profile
  • Set up preferences in Settings regarding email or customize the Comidor Interface
  • Turn live chat on and off
  • Log out from Comidor

User settings | Comidor Platform

In the top right of the page is the Notifications Bar. There are five icons and when a new notification is received a blue box will appear next to the relevant icon. The five icons are:

  • Notifications – These inform the user when a new task/process is added; when it’s time to start a new one; when someone has shared a folder or when an existing task/process has been completed. Reminders will show up here as well. These Notifications are also in the Workbench Activity Stream
  • Messages – When a new Email is received the alert will be displayed here. Customise Email notifications in User Settings
  • News – When someone has commented on a specific Process or Task a notification will be displayed here. Notifications regarding specific Comidor objects are displayed here as well
  • Calendar – The Calendar icon opens a Calendar which shows your tasks for the current day
  • Processes – The processes icon directs the user to a list of processes sorted by their scheduled end date. You can filter the Processes you want to view in User Settings

Comidor notification bar | Comidor Platform

As with the notification and search bar, the User Image will always remain at the top of the screen while using Comidor. Check more about User Settings in the Graphical User Interface section.

The Quick Add menu is accessed by clicking on the main menu. It allows the user to quickly:

  • Compose a new Email
  • Create a new Task
  • Upload a File
  • Add a new Note, Contact, or Account
  • Create a new Process
  • Initiate an Application

Comidor menu | Comidor Platform

Quick adds provide users with smooth navigation, anytime you need to. While using Comidor, Quick Add will always remain at the left of the screen. Check more about Quick Adds in Graphical User Interface section. Did you know that Quick Adds can be used to Link a Comidor object with the background screen Comidor object? Learn more in the Data Management section.


Furthermore, from the main menu users can:

  • Communicate quickly with your colleagues via Chat,
  • Initiate a task with activities based on your Job description role.
  • Have quick access to User and Business Apps.
  • Get easily Reports & Analytics
  • Enter the App Factory and Custom apps you have created.