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Utilizing User Activities

Utilizing User Activities 790 562 Comidor Low-code Automation Platform

User Activities are a feature in Comidor that allows you to monitor and organize your tasks efficiently. System administrators can create multiple User activities as templates and define the roles that should use those templates and some parameters/fields to be prepopulated. Hence, the end-users can create tasks with an activity as a template.

You can insert an activity into your task by following 3 simple steps.

1. Create a new Activity

  1. In order to access User Activities, go to Enterprise Apps Icon > Business Architecture > User Activities
  2. Click on the “+” icon to create a new Activity
  3. In the form that appears, you should complete the following fields:
    • The Title, which will be the name of the Activity.
    • Basic Info, such as the Importance, the Priority of the activity, and the period that this activity is valid
    • Relations of this activity with Processes, Subprocesses, Documents and Parent processes states or stages
    • The Description of the Activity
    • Fill in the RACI Chart by choosing if this activity should be visible For Everyone or just for a specific Role. In Responsible, you should put one role you wish to be able to view this activity when creating a task.
    • Untick the field Is Standard Task? and a URL name will be displayed below.

user activities / Comidor Digital Automation Platform

Click on Save to save the new Activity, Save and New to save this and start creating another one. or Cancel to cancel the procedure


2. Submit a new task that is activity related

  • Go to: Left-Bar Menu > Job Description and then
  • Select the activity which relates to the respective role from the list given.

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Activities are listed according to the role that is responsible for taking over them. By selecting the activity, the task that opens in the quick add menu is instantly linked with this activity.

3. How to view Tasks per Activity

  1. Go to: Modules Menu Icon > Task Management > Tasks
  2. Click on the “Change Categorization” button
  3. Select “Activity” as the Task type
  4. You can now see the tasks being categorized per activity

View tasks per activity | Comidor Platform

Edit a User Activity

  1. Go to Modules Menu Icon > Business Administration > User Activities
  2. Select an Activity from the list of Roles
  3. Click on the Pencil Icon to edit the information
  4. Select the desired Save option (refer to Quick Reference Guide)

Manage User Activities

  1. Go to Modules Menu Icon > Business Administration > User Activities
  2. Select one or more User Activities and choose:
    • Delete the Activity. A confirmation box will appear
    • Link with another Comidor object, e.g. a Project, an Event, etc
  3. Click on the Actions icon to perform the following:
    • Print the current User Activities table. A new tab will appear in the browser where you should follow the relevant printing procedure