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How to choose a Workflow Automation tool

In a previous post, we discussed the features a Workflow Automation tool should have. Sometimes though, there are many software in the market offering the same or similar features making it extremely difficult to identify the differences and make the final decision. Prepare to automate your business in 2018 and learn how. Trying to make the decision-making…

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Workflow Automation Software Features | Comidor BPM platform
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Top 10 Workflow Automation Software Features

The selection of a workflow automation software often turns to a complex procedure that requires time and effort. Many software solutions namely offer business process management with workflow automation, but not all can offer the same functionality. Which are the features that make the Workflow Automation software suitable for your company? 1. Easy Modeling To run effective workflows, you…

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why to use workflow automation | Comidor BPM
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5 Signs you need Workflow Automation

Why to use Workflow Automation? Workflow Automation is the next step to take when you look for business performance improvement. Given that all business models are pretty much unique, including procedures and people, it is difficult to identify when the time for change has come, as well as from where to start. There is a wide…

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BPM suite: Why BPM is high importance | Comidor BPM
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BPM suite: Why BPM is of high importance

From my past experience in several Business Process Management (BPM) projects deliveries to large organizations worldwide, I come across to the same problems CIOs face at the very beginning of their research: Technology offering in software is too complex nowadays Products lacking a fit for purpose justification   These 2 facts raise the following questions: How will a BPM suite start…

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ultimate digital transformation guide | Comidor BPM
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Digital Transformation: The Ultimate Guide

Digital Transformation is a great challenge for every business. Technology is changing rapidly and needs significant effort keep up to date, but with no doubt is the key to tuning up your company. Usually, it’s not that easy to figure out where to start and which steps to follow, but by the time you make the decision…

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Business Process Management Software
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10 Benefits of Business Process Management

Business Process Management is changing. The digital business transformation has formed the structure and needs of the modern businesses in a completely new way that embraces technology in all business operations, connects people and increases revenues. To support the new digital business model, early adopters are using experienced personnel to identify the best bpm software of the market…

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Project management features
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27 + 1 Project Management features your software needs

Project management features are not the same for every tool. Is that all? Do you just have to Google “What is the best project management tool” and you are done? The answer is no! For a good project manager that collaborates with multiple teams the situation is a little more complicated. Do you want to…

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Online Gantt chart
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On-line Gantt Chart first: Selecting your next PM Software.

There are various important aspects when it comes to Project Management software selection, mostly depending from the nature of the business you are active, or you’re planning to enter. In general, large organizations need powerful systems that can interconnect with already existing platforms (ERP, CRM, HRM), while smaller companies primarily look to maintain their agility,…

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Online Gantt chart
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Empowering Project Management with on-line Gantt Chart

One of my favorite, and perhaps the most comprehensive statements about Management is that “to manage is to forecast and to plan, to organize, to command, to co-ordinate and to control”, according to Henri Fayol (1841-1925), a French Mining Engineer, author, and father of general theory of business administration, known as Fayolism. This historical and contemporary theory…

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Creative ideas
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Stop Wasting Creative Ideas!

Maya Angelou once said that “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”. It turns out that even though creativity can’t be used up, some businesses face difficulty to find the right way to use it in the first place. Creativity is the key to Innovate and make a statement…

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Smart project management platform
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Smart Platforms save Project Manager’s Coronary

According to a team of researchers, there is evidence of 683 patients showed a prominent peak of 21% in heart attacks, strokes and blood clots, between Monday 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. During these hours the stress hormone, cortisol, which reflects the nervous system, increases blood pressure dramatically. Inevitable, Monday morning wakening is loaded with office…

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Art of enterprise collaboration
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The Art of Enterprise Collaboration

We all know that companies need to anticipate numerous of challenges, in daily basis. The new normal in business is a here and it is highly demanding in flexibility, mobility, multitasking and instant connectivity between people, machines and different working environments. Day by day, businesses seek for more intelligence, because our ecosystem is becoming smarter.…

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