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Low-code Platform Trends 2019 | Low-Code | Comidor BPM
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Low-Code Development Platform Trends 2019

Entrepreneurs can now use low-code development tools to fuel operational efficiency and improve the experience of their customers. Futurists expect the low-code tools market to hit $10 billion in revenue soon as enterprises continue to use low-code development platforms for addressing productivity issues such as lack of skilled resources and project backlogs. Unfortunately, many IT…

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Tips to build Better Customer Relationships | Project Management | Comidor Low-Code BPM Platform
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Ιmprove Customer Relationships With Project Management

Customers and clients are the number one priority of any business, and maintaining and building relationships with these individuals is an ongoing process. Businesses have numerous ways of handling this relationship, but project management is not always the first process that comes to mind. Managing and executing projects can be difficult for businesses, but when…

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How to Choose The Best BPM For Your Business - Comidor BPM Platform
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How to Choose The Best BPM For Your Business

Getting the right business process management (BPM) software can be a challenge for many reasons. First, BPM is a sophisticated market and products vary in capabilities and features. Second, finding out the needs of your business is a challenging process. Hence, these six tips will help you choose the right BPM for your business. Be…

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Stages of the Design Thinking Process | Comidor Low-Code BPM Platform
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What Are the Stages of the Design Thinking Process?

Design thinking is a solution-focused approach to tackling business problems. It is one of the most important emerging trends, essentially encouraging organisations to ‘think like designers’, and a growing number of companies are investing in design thinking training, in order to benefit from more innovative strategies or approaches. People often think of design in visual…

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Business Process Creation - Comidor BPM
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Get Ahead of The Competition Through Business Process Creation

Today’s global economy has been tough to all businesses in general, but it is especially tougher for medium and small-scale companies to thrive in. Smaller organizations do not only find themselves in intense competition against established enterprises, many of them feel compelled to find ways of increasing productivity while cutting down costs to stay afloat.…

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Benefits of business automation | Comidor BPM
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How Business Automation can Supercharge Growth

As you likely already have seen, automation and the next wave of digital tools have already made their way into the business world and the modern office and skillful implementation have allowed some businesses to supercharge their growth, making great gains despite relatively small teams and goals. And while needless tools and inefficient automation are…

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BPM Customer Service | BPM and Hyperpersonal Customer Services | Comidor
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BPM and Hyperpesonal Customer Service

According to Alfred Essa, Vice President of research and data science at McGraw-Hill Education, “If you’re not able to create innovations to market in a timely, quick, effective way, then all of the technology is useless,” said at the recent Spark Summit East in Boston, Mass. From my experience as Business Leader in several challenging…

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Digital Transformation in the Public Sector | Comidor BPM Platform
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Digital Transformation and BPM in the Public Sector

According to Miguel Carrasco, a BCG partner and managing directors, “Governments are making progress in their transition to the digital world, as citizen usage and satisfaction with online government services are improving. Still, the greatest challenges lie ahead“. At Comidor, a next generation Business Process Management software vendor, serving public organizations in all steps of…

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BPM for Family Businesses Digital Transformation | Comidor
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Next Generation BPM for Family Businesses Digital Transformation

It is well acknowledged by McKinsey & Co that “family businesses are more present and stronger than ever”. There are numerous of family businesses with presence around the globe, varying in any size. In fact “around one-third of the Fortune Global 500 companies are founder or family controlled, as well as around 40% of all…

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how BPM and QMS add value to an organization | Comidor BPM
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How BPM & QMS add value to an organization?

Lets start with the basics, by answering the following questions about BPM and QMS, then we can explore best practices and how they work together to finally add significant value to the organization. What is a Business Process Management (BPM) Platform? BPM is an organizational approach that focuses on recording and improving business processes in…

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Low-code platform: Choose
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Low-code platform: An IKEA DIY experience vs pre-built Apps

More and more companies invest in building a branded custom app which meets their needs with a low-code platform, nowadays, instead of choosing an app “off the shelf”. But, is it really worth risk money on developing a custom solution with a low-code platform for your company? Starting with nailing down the goals of the…

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The Past, the Present, the Future of BPM - Conidor BPM
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the Past, the Present, the Future of BPM

A lot of companies have included a Business Process Management Platform in their IT arsenal during the last years. This happened as a result of the vast technology growth, specifically in the Business Processes field. It is an extremely useful tool, that focuses on your company’s workflows and can make them cost and time efficient. BPM:…

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