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UK-based telecommunications provider empowers IT Project Management with workflow automation

Client Business Challenge

One of the world’s leading telecoms companies, a provider of TV and broadband internet/telephone services, needed to become much more effective at resolving IT issues. To improve overall IT operational efficiency a workflow management system was required which would automate project tasks and also integrate with other systems including Redmine, Jira, SharePoint, Clarity, Spark and Microsoft Exchange. At that time, company employees were facing major challenges through having to handle issues manually in real-time.

Comidor Solution

An on-premises installation was deployed, which integrated with 3rd party systems. Comidor allowed the client to streamline IT operations within projects, using defined workflows. Implementation of the Comidor system has reduced operational complexity and costs. Users are now able to access the tools they need, resolve issues and develop new services faster and delivering higher quality services.

Project Automation

At least 10 different types of complex workflows have been implemented, providing step-by-step support to users on each operation. Project requirements are well-defined, allowing developments to be implemented within the required timeframes.

Real-time Monitoring

A real-time view of all active projects gives managers visibility at any given time of the status of every project – which phase it has reached, which tasks have been completed and by whom. Managers can also preview upcoming project steps and any dependencies, allowing them to intervene as necessary to keep projects on track.

Visibility of Data though 3rd Party Systems integration

Tickets, emails, files and other data are integrated into one single view, providing the whole picture to users. This allows issues to be resolved as well as providing the opportunity to identify trends and develop new services.

Risk Management in Projects

Within each project there is an issue log with actions to be taken, allowing for easy tracking. Custom RAG status push notifications can be added for each project against set parameters, pre-defining the limits, importance, impact and probability of each risk.

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