BPM for Logistics 

Automation of Logistics and Service Processes

Client Business Challenge

A leading European 3rd party logistics company with over 100 employees across 5 locations needed to organize its logistics operations much more efficiently and effectively. More than 4,500 emails were being exchanged each month with clients alone, forcing employees to track the progress of customer transactions manually via phone calls and further emails. The business needed a remote process automation and workflow management tool to monitor critical information flow, give transparency to the entire process and provide a built-in communication facility.

Comidor Solution

Comidor’s solution was to provide a cloud-based flexible case management platform that could run automated, workflow, or manually-driven processes. The solution supplied all necessary information and the steps to be followed to all the teams involved in each process. Comidor centralizes all the information pertinent to each case including files, emails, comments, and details of the team members involved. The BPM solution allows employees to work intelligently at any time, on any device, and from anywhere in the world. All the users in the organization were given access to the application, allowing instant communication with everyone else either directly through the Comidor chat/videoconferencing features, or via group messages and comments on discussion boards below each process. Using the Comidor Workbench, users can track all active process updates through one single point.

Case Digitalization

Comidor enables new cases to be created quickly on receipt of a customer email. The addition of critical information to each case means employees further on in the process can easily pick up the thread and progress the case, in turn communicating easily to further colleagues. The net result was a dramatic reduction in the overall amount of email traffic.

Improved Monitoring

Automatic or manually-driven updates are sent to the relevant people on any logistics process without any delays. Users can view and control the status of each process at any step, make any adjustments required and have a quick overview of any key points added.

Service Process Improvement

Staff became more productive through being able to take decisions faster by having all of the relevant information in front of them. They were also able to deal much more effectively with any urgent or expedited situations, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

Process Automation and Workflow Development

The Comidor system of event-based process creation, repetitive process scheduling and role-based process templates means that applications and workflows can easily be created and updated by non-technical staff. The business finally had a system which worked for the employees, rather than employees working for the system.

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