Manual Process vs Automated Process: A Comparison Guide

Manual Process vs Automated Process: A Comparison Guide 790 527 Comidor Low-code Automation Platform

For every business to achieve their highest level of efficiency and success, they must create unique processes that are personalized to their company. Today, any number of experts will debate the merits of a manual process vs automated process. However, each type carries various benefits and differences that they work for certain businesses. If you are struggling to discern the differences between manual and automated processes, keep on reading for a comparison that will reveal the ins and outs of both.

Manual Process vs Automated Process (Examples)

A manual process is more time-consuming and expensive than an automated process. Manual processes involve one or more humans performing tasks, such as data entry and/or verification, while automated processes involve one or more machines performing tasks, such as scanning and/or sorting.

Manual Process 

Whether you are storyboarding a new marketing campaign or generating a data analysis report, workflows and processes are essential to keep a company moving forward. Manual processes and systems offer many of the same perks as an automated workflow. However, there are more in-between steps, errors may occur, and they generally take more time. The physical report must be passed from desk to desk to ensure that everything has been included. In the case of a mistake, you will have to repeat the same process. This can be extremely time-consuming as copies often make several rounds between various team members.

As you look to include illustrations in the workflow, this adds a new layer of editing and printing. This further slows down the process. Plus, you may even need to work with a print shop to create copies that can be widely dispersed among company members. Although it may be beneficial to hold a print copy in your hands, the steps required often outweigh these small benefits.

Automated Process

Generally, an automated process can accomplish many of the same goals as a manual process at a faster, more-accurate rate. Automated processes are unique in that they can cut out the middle-man and avoid any of the intermediate steps that waste time and lead to mistakes. This can be achieved with 24/7 reliability and consistent quality of process execution.

As you maintain and edit an automated process online, you can still edit documents and create unique graphics. However, it is much easier to collaborate because you do not need to print out the document and pass it along a chain-of-command at every different decision. Plus, an automated process also offers the opportunity to track the work in the production phase. You can check to ensure that your editor has viewed the pages or double-check to note whether the proper graphics have been included.

Automated processes are proven to boost productivity by 30%, putting ROI predictions on a fast track to success. It may take more time and effort to install this system and train employees to use it. Nevertheless,  an automated workflow can help make a slow office much more efficient. Check out some simple Workflow process examples of Comidor Workflow Automation Platform to get familiarized with the Workflow Designer capabilities.

With increased improvements in technology, automated workflow systems like Robotic Process Automation (or RPA) can intelligently communicate with both employees and integrated AI systems to create a seamless, engaging experience that better manages administrative and repetitive activities. Many companies are just implementing RPA into their business processes. Moreover,  one can find several other automated solutions on the market.

Process Automation Prevents Common Problems

With the help of automation, you can also avoid the common issue of papers getting lost in the shuffle. Workflow automation users can immediately check logs to determine the completion of various steps. If editing is necessary, you can quickly and easily hand it off to the correct team member. As a result, you can limit the slowdowns and wasted time that usually come from workflows. Automation actively cuts out the general inefficiencies while improving the end product.

Workflow software can also empower your business to grow to new heights. These unique programs work to automate the production of reports and speed up the process. Therefore you can further maximize the efficiency of your company. If you are interested in implementing this, then Comidor may be effective in helping you gain the benefits of a digital automation platform. With the benefits of automated processes, and the assistance of a workflow stimulator you can radically change the way your company functions.

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