task management

Remote Work | Comidor Digital Automation Platform

How to Keep Up with your Business 100% Remotely

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Marching into the new era of remote business and online operations, most of the organizations find it more profitable to…

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substitutes and substitute tasks | Comidor Platform

Substitutes & Substitute Tasks

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Substitutes When employees have planned or unplanned absences, there may be a need to nominate a substitute employee to carry…

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timesheet | Comidor Platform


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Through Timesheet Unit you can manage your Tasks and Expenses relevant with Project Work Packages that your manager has assigned…

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task management | Comidor Platform

Tasks (Task Management Tools)

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Comidor Tasks offer a reliable and transparent approach to Task Management. It manages personal tasks, team tasks, assigned tasks and…

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Reasons to use task management software

9 Key Reasons to use Online Task Management Software

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Daily business life is full of tasks; work, meetings, phone calls, appointments, business trips and much more. Many professionals to…

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Task Management Tool

Why BPM platform are fundamental

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Using technology and BPM platform for Collaboration Task Management tools  are everywhere and technology’s growth seems unstoppable. The growth is…

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