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Why BPM platform are fundamental

Why BPM platform are fundamental 700 466 Comidor Low-code Automation Platform

Using technology and BPM platform for Collaboration

Task Management tools  are everywhere and technology’s growth seems unstoppable. The growth is not only coming in terms of accomplishments (incredible new materials, superb energy efficiency, medical miracles, sci-fi patents, miniature engineering, speed-of-light processing software), but also in terms of geographical penetration.

Actually, the whole planet is benefitting from technology, even in places that no one would ever imagine. Long suffering Afghanistan has more than 1 million internet connections and 18 million mobile users in a population of 32 million!(The World Facebook) In one of the poorer and more isolated places of our planet, one out of two is daily paying for technology services. Marconi and Tesla surely rest in peace.

However, technology’s most important penetration is to enter everyone’s daily life by facilitating the fundamental human need for communication. Moving one step further, to elaborate this need into something that brings tangible results: technology facilitates collaboration.

Collaboration adds value on the flat verbal exchange by adding the element of mutual goal. From individuals to friend groups, from project teams to large company departments, everyone is using technology tools to accomplish mutual goals. And technology is quite generous with providing affordable collaboration and productivity measurement solutions, since location and volume of the collaborators is not a problem anymore.

Welcoming BPM platform

Various collaboration tools exist in the global market: simple calendar organizers, fun team-project tools, professional enterprise collaboration systems, CRM Project Management softwares. Some still run only on desktops via the company’s local intranet, while other run on smart mobiles and tablets using the Cloud technology. All of them share the same cornerstone: the tasks from BPM platform.

Despite tasks ‘ importance as a fundamental element in the collaboration process, it is admittedly neglected. Managers prefer grandiose and impressive terms, such as: sales plan execution, project management scheduling, financial consolidation, enterprise social networking etc. On the other hand, employees avoid the word “tasks” for the fear of extra work and responsibilities.

Still, it is the careful-designed task management process (assignment, execution, monitoring and reporting) that will deliver sales volume, successful projects, financial results, efficient collaboration and drive a company to grandeur, while helping the employee to show-off his daily contribution in printed reports.

Especially, in times of global economic turbulence, when the latter is haunted by cost-cutting policies and cost-efficient machines, tasks monitoring within collaboration tools can be claimed salvation.