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How to Improve Business Collaboration Through Automation

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Teamwork really does make the dream work. That’s why collaboration is such a major key to business success. But how do businesses improve their collaboration? And are there collaboration tools for businesses out there to assist in this improvement?  Read on to learn the answers to these questions and more about business collaboration.  

What is Business Collaboration?  

Every business is working toward specific goals. Collaboration is a working approach that has emerged in response to these goals. Business collaboration is the method in which people work together to achieve a common goal. Businesses that collaborate effectively know how to use each members’ unique strengths and skills to complete their goals. They build off of each other, coming together as a cohesive unit.  

To fully achieve business collaboration, there are a few factors you’ll need to consider. Your overall company goals, the type of business collaboration that will work best for your organization, and the business collaboration tools you’ll need are among these factors.   

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There are more than a few types of business collaboration. These include but are not limited to:  

  • Team collaboration. This is the most common form of business collaboration. In this type of collaboration, every team member knows how they contribute to the goal and work with their fellow team members to combine strengths.  
  • Internal collaboration. Microblogging, wiki pages, or discussion boards are all common forms of internal collaboration. These formats make it easier to share information across the entire company and collaborate as needed.  
  • External collaboration. Businesses looking to share information with clients or customers may utilize external collaboration. This may be a weekly email with information or a social media post that encourages engagement.  
  • Network collaboration. In this form of collaboration, not everyone in the network will know each other. Instead, individuals make their expertise known and may be matched with or sought out by those wishing to collaborate.  
  • Cloud collaborationAnyone in this collaborative network can access and edit documents stored in the cloud. Information is easily shared amongst team members and collaboration can happen in real-time in a document.  
  • Video collaboration. Virtual conference rooms are an essential tool for collaboration in a remote environment. With these platforms at your fingertips, you can collaborate with team members and clients easily. 

Each type of business collaboration has its unique advantages depending on your business’ needs. No matter which you choose, your organization will benefit from business collaboration. Keep reading to learn more about these benefits.  

Benefits of Business Collaboration 

Business collaboration does more than just increase team productivity. In addition to faster results, your business will likely see an improvement in a few other areas, including:  

Employee Engagement

When employees understand their role on a team, they’re more likely to effectively engage with their fellow team members. Knowing who to turn to when problems arise or when a task should come in through this engagement can further increase productivity and drive more well-rounded results. Enhancing employee engagement requires not only effective communication but also the right tools. Exploring the best intranet software solutions can offer a way to foster collaboration and drive engagement in innovative ways.

Cost Reduction

One of the many benefits of business collaboration that is often overlooked is cost reduction. Inefficient business processes can lead to delayed project deliveries that then lead to an increase in cost. With improved collaboration comes lower costs as projects are finished and delivered on time.  

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Process Improvement

Having a continuous growth mindset is part of what makes a business successful. To achieve this growth, your business has to be open to feedback and improvement. With an uptick in collaboration, your team can identify and discuss common bottlenecks that are delaying results and stunting business growth. By implementing new collaboration tactics and investing in collaboration tools for business, your organization will have the resources they need to brainstorm solutions and improve business processes 

Client Satisfaction

Much of what businesses do revolves around client or customer satisfaction. Both process improvement and increased employee engagement internally can lead to higher-quality results. These results drive better products or services, keeping clients and customers happy.  

Collaboration Tools for Business 

Business collaboration is easier than ever before in this digital age. The emergence of automation has single-handedly improved collaboration for businesses across the globe. Check out just a few of the automation collaboration tools for businesses that are changing the way of the workforce.   

Task Management

Automation comes to life with task management tools. When a task is created, it is automatically added to a team member’s Timesheet, alerting them of what needs to be done. Once a task has been completed, others working on that project will be promptly alerted and can respond accordingly.  

These tasks can be managed using tools such as workflow automation and business process management (BPM) software. These tools can further improve automation and speed up project completion 

Document Management System (DMS)

With a document management system (DMS), your team can efficiently share information with ease. Users added to the DMS can create, upload, store, and share files in one convenient, secure location. Team members can safely share information with one another, improving business collaboration over shared documents 

Video Conferencing

In a world where the remote work environment is becoming more and more common, video conferencing is a must-have collaboration tool for businesses. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Comidor Events, and Google Meet are all viable options for meeting with team members in real-time. With an application like Comidor Events, you can quickly create video meetings and automate repetitive events with the use of process scheduling and process templates. Eliminate the need for travel through this business collaboration tool. 

Cloud Document Storage

Cloud storage is an ideal solution for businesses without an internal DMS. Individuals working in a remote environment can upload and view information from a telecommunication network that can be accessed from anywhere. This allows for efficient business collaboration without the need to be in the office.  

Instant Messaging

The final collaboration tool for business is instant messaging. IM platforms allow team members to collaborate in real-time without needing to work around schedules for a video conference or waiting on an email response. IM is an efficient way to communicate quickly with team members to share information, ideas, and more.  

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Reach Enterprise Collaboration with Comidor 

When it comes to business collaboration, automation is the way to go. Comidor’s enterprise collaboration software offers businesses an automated platform to track tasks, share information, and manage projects. Using collaboration applications, team members can share ideas, ask questions, solve problems, and more, faster than ever before.   

Schedule a demo with Comidor today and give your business collaboration a boost!  

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