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What is a Collaboration Platform?

What is a Collaboration Platform? 789 443 Comidor BPM Platform

If you own a big company or you are a member of one you have definitely heard about what a collaboration platform serves for. Here is a good definition, “Collaborative software or groupware is a new wave and is designed to boost teams productivity as it allows to share information, files, and documents and helps them communicate faster in an enterprise environment “. Let’s try to understand better this definition.

With collaboration platform employees can communicate with each other in order to achieve the best results in their processes and find solutions to difficulties that will occur. Some examples of providing services on collaboration platforms are emails, personal and group calendars, VoIP services, video meetings, collaborative documents, and message notes.

Where does a team collaboration platform really help?

There are several benefits from collaborative solutions but we will focus on the top three.

Collaboration platforms:

1. Help communication between co-workers and team collaboration which leads to problem-solving

2. Give the ability to share information, files, and data.

3. Reduce Tasks and Projects difficulty in order to give space in functional workflows.

Which are the types of collaborative solutions?

Collaborative technologies are constantly changing and trying to adapt to users’ needs. There is software that had created only for these requirements and there are others in which collaboration tools are included inside their general platform. Which are the best? This is a question which you have to answer really carefully considering your company’s necessities.

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