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Collaboration Technologies to Watch in 2022

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As a response to the pandemic, enterprise-wide collaborative technologies are credited with impressing improvement and innovation in all industries. Technology is continually evolving and we are now looking at a new normal in how things are being done and how teams work together. Businesses from all around the world work hard to strike a balance between innovation and continuity. Countless challenges appeared and the initial disruption of the pandemic led to brand new opportunities. The largest investment we saw came in enterprise collaboration or collaborative technologies. While remote work was growing for years, it literally took off in the past months. By the end of the year, it is expected that around 30% of employees are going to work from home several days per week. All this is possible thanks to the following collaboration technologies and innovations. 

Virtual Conferencing And Video Meetings 

We clearly noticed more video collaboration technologies developed in 2020, with options like Skype, Zoom, Google Meetings, and Microsoft Teams standing out. Close to 60% of current remote-compatible jobs take advantage of collaboration technologies and video meetings in order to replace drop-by chats and in-person meetings. 

Remote work offers huge flexibility and companies realized how beneficial it is. In the past, employers did not want to offer remote work since they were concerned about results, honesty, and productivity. After the coronavirus pandemic forced the use of video conferencing and virtual tours, it became clear that the concerns were not justified. 

Collaboration technology | Comidor PlatformCloud Technology And SaaS 

Cloud computing kept improving in 2020 and in 2021. Work is being reimagined as people learn more ways to take advantage of cloud technology and SaaS. Businesses have the opportunity to build themselves or invest in web-based applications that can be used so that every single member of a team can work together without having to be physically present in the same room.  

One of the most significant advantages of cloud computing is that it allows remote teams to collaborate efficiently from anywhere in real-time, with an internet connection being the only prerequisite. Generally speaking, cloud applications can boost productivity while also lowering operational costs. As remote working is here to stay, cloud applications are becoming more popular. This fact is proven by a recent study that showcases that almost 80% of businesses employ a cloud communication platform to facilitate remote work. 

With the help of cloud technology, collaboration on projects is better than ever. Real-time sharing of data is another important advantage of cloud computing. File sharing enables teams to have instant access to files, control the file versions, and upload and download files that are continuously synchronized. It becomes obvious why building apps to take advantage of cloud technology is a priority for several developers right now, especially when these apps are cloud-based. 

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Out-of-the-box Collaboration Platforms and Apps 

Enterprise collaboration is easier than ever before thanks to the advanced technological innovations and new collaborative technologies that are present in our digital era. Automation is playing a crucial role in the collaboration improvements within businesses. There is a plethora of collaboration tools to choose from, based on different business needs and requirements. 

These platforms offer numerous tools and capabilities that can transform businesses and accelerate collaboration and communication among teams and users. Examples of enterprise collaboration apps are the following: 

  • Document Management System (DMS) 
  • Video conferences 
  • File sharing 
  • Instant messaging 
  • Real-time analytics 

One thing for sure is that SaaS companies deliver the apps and the connectivity the company needs while prices are kept much lower than the costs associated with developing such apps alone. 

With the use of enterprise collaboration software , and new collaboration technologies,  users with no coding experience can create collaboration apps, link them to workflows and end up with faster project development since workflow automation becomes a reality. Also, many collaboration apps are accessible across several mobile devices, which also increases workplace efficiency and productivity. 

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Artificial Intelligence And Wearable Technology 

While industry analysts kept saying that wearables and artificial intelligence were going to take off, the pandemic led to much faster adoption. The distrust and doubts that affected AI adoption disappeared. Employees and employers normalized the use of cognitive technologies because of how our lives changed. 

With the use of smart home devices and wearable gadgets, it became easy to share data with your colleagues and managers. Also, it became much easier to use the devices for work-related tasks, like answering emails and receiving important notifications about specific projects. And the great thing about wearable devices is that they are new to the market. Only time will tell what they will be able to deliver.  

In a nutshell 

Undoubtedly, collaboration technologies lead not only to improved collaboration but also to exceptional corporate performance and remarkable results. The only concern that may arise is if you should invest in only one collaboration technology or find the best solution that incorporates different collaborative technologies and tools.

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