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Types of Collaboration tools | Comidor Low-Code BPM Platform

Types of Collaboration Tools

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It’s an undeniable fact that the more organised and transparent the communication between colleagues is, the more productive an enterprise…

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Collaboration Platforms

Collaboration Tools – the wave of the future?

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Brazil was thrown off balance and humiliated on July 8th 2014 as five German goals flew into their net in…

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Business Meetings

Busy with business meetings?

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Nothing is certain but death and taxes. Add meetings and you have a killing triplet – that is if you’re…

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Comidro team collaboration

Tips on Team Collaboration

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Your work as a team leader can easily be compared to this of a coach. It is all about handling…

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Enterprise Collaboration System

Why we need Enterprise Collaboration system

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Let’s admit it. Be honest and raise your hand in the following question: “Have you ever forwarded an e-mail received…

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Enterprise Collaboration Platforms

What to seek in Enterprise Collaboration Platforms

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With the advent of cloud Collaboration services, organizations are finally endowed with the much wanted agility, while employees can seamlessly…

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