Cloud document management system

Cloud Document Management System: Fact or Fiction?

Cloud Document Management System: Fact or Fiction? 700 560 Comidor Low-code Automation Platform

People have the tendency to believe. They believe in an idea, a concept, a technology or a bedtime story. If they like the story, they don’t care of facts or proofs.

Since the beginning of the IT era, new innovations, models or tools have fulfilled any possible dream inside techno believers’ minds. This is basically due to the fact that always, with the exception of Walt Disney, the techno vendor incepts the idea and then injects it to believers’ minds. For the idea to be “catchy” there must always be some troubled situation, a villain, a princess and a savior prince. But as always a dream can become a nightmare when the villain prevails and the princess left alone without her prince (and the white horse…)

Cloud Document Management System is probably the most indicative case of transforming a dream to a nightmare. Cloud DMS had all the ingredients of a blockbuster. There is the troubled situation where the princess has to digitize and version practically everything from her paper-piles, there is the arch-villain cutting trees somewhere in the Amazon rain forest and you have myriad vendor princes willing to save the princess by offering their Cloud Document Management System!

The truth is that the majority of the Cloud Document Management Systems cannot cope with the 21st century business environment. To survive in this environment you have to collaborate and to manage your documents. But, managing documents is not what used to be a decade ago. Nowadays a knowledge worker needs to:

  • be notified (at near real time) about which document has been modified and by whom in her activity stream.
  • View, edit, delete based on her role lock the document (subject to her role’s access rights)
  • distribute the document (WITHOUT SENDING E-MAIL)
  • define access rights for a document
  • have full versioning capability
  • choose the desired document’s version to download and work upon
  • link a document to a task, project, customer, CRMProject Management, Business Intelligence or any other business entity
  • upload a document to the company’ wiki

DMS era has gone. It has been passed to business oblivion since the advent of collaboration platforms. It is a natural evolution (successful mutation) that the IT-nature undergone to cope with the fast-paced knowledge economy and constant demand of boosting productivity. In this economy, you prevail by circulating “knowledge commodities” rather than simply copying and storing…