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RPA Examples and Use Cases in 9 Different Industries

RPA Examples and Use Cases in 9 Different Industries 789 526 Comidor Low-code Automation Platform

Digital transformation has taken over the workforce. Now more than ever, businesses are racing to identify and implement the latest technology.
Among these technological advances is Robotic Process Automation (RPA). This automation solution has become an essential part of increasing productivity, producing accurate results, and more.
Let’s take a closer look at what exactly robotic process automation is and how a variety of industries are using it today.

What is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic process automation (RPA) has emerged from the need for automation in business. RPA is a software solution that can create and implement robots to complete time-consuming, repetitive tasks. RPA produces accurate, timely results so your team can have more time to foster better client relationships and focus on larger-scale tasks.
RPA can be used across a variety of industries, such as healthcare, marketing, and manufacturing. We’ll break down a few of these robotic process automation use cases below.

Robotic Process Automation Use Cases

So, how can you use RPA in your industry? Read on to learn how these nine industries are utilizing RPA to improve their processes and satisfy clients.

RPA in 9 industries | ComidorRPA Use Cases in Healthcare

The healthcare industry relies on accuracy, efficiency, and scalability in its daily operations. From patient scheduling to billing and everything in between, the automation of healthcare is increasing patient satisfaction, reducing costs, and improving quality care. RPA can automate critical tasks such as online scheduling, discharge instructions, and data migration, which can save your team time and resources while increasing productivity.

RPA Use Cases in Banking

Banking and financial institutions are investing in RPA to improve trading, compliance, internal controls, customer service levels, and error reduction. From loan processing to report generation, RPA is streamlining routine processes for banking teams. The implementation of RPA allows your team to save time by completing everyday tasks. One RPA use case in banking revolves around account closure. This lengthy process often requires multiple steps that may be completed manually. Speed up the closure process by using RPA to automate the most time-consuming steps.

RPA Use Cases in Finance

RPA can automate repetitive tasks for a finance team, helping them stay focused on sensitive tasks that require a more human touch. The finance industry is using RPA to send invoices, follow up with late payments, and complete other back-end functions such as updating customer data and billing records. These processes can easily be automated with RPA, freeing up time for teams to focus on other priorities. RPA can improve accuracy and efficiency to provide more precise information for tasks such as invoice processing, tax reporting, and accounts receivable.

RPA Use Cases in Human Resources

The human resources (HR) industry handles more than its fair share of time-consuming tasks. With RPA, HR professionals can automate daily tasks such as sending out mass emails, updating data and records, onboarding team members, and managing payroll.
For example, when a new employee is hired, HR is faced with onboarding tasks and paperwork that can take more time than they have in a day. RPA can automate the task of sending out welcome emails, entering new hire information, and adding the new member to payroll. This automation saves HR time to help hires get up to speed on company priorities.

RPA Use Cases in IT Operations

Many IT departments have made the switch to RPA to automate routine tasks that don’t require human attention, allowing them to spend more time on complex projects. Tasks like password resets, user notifications, and software installation or updates can be automated to free up your IT departments’ time.
RPA further helps improve accuracy across your entire organization by standardizing tasks such as creating tickets for customer service requests or submitting expense reports. Gone are the days where your IT specialists are spending time on routine tasks.

RPA Use Cases in Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry has taken to RPA to automate the endless manual tasks that dominate the workday. Previously, manufacturing professionals would spend their days filling out paperwork for inventory management. Now, RPA software can manage invoices and paperwork automatically. Professionals can receive real-time inventory reports and understand what products they have on hand.

RPA Use Cases in Customer Service

Customer service is an essential part of every company. When customer service is not optimized, your company will likely see a negative impact. RPA can assist with routine tasks that take up too much time, allowing employees to focus on fostering better customer relationships.
Bottlenecks can occur when customer service representatives become overwhelmed. This may include customers having longer wait times when in need of assistance. RPA-powered chatbots can assist in answering customer questions in real-time. Customers will no longer need to wait for a representative to have their questions answered.

RPA Use Cases in Retail

Retail companies are using RPA to automate processes for accurate, timely results. From order processing to inventory management, RPA is streamlining daily tasks while saving time and resources.
Tasks such as sales analytics that often require a higher level of time can be automated and improved through RPA. Eliminate manual data entry and receive more accurate reports about your store’s sales using this automation software.

RPA Use Cases in Marketing

The marking industry thrives off of data points. Data is how marketing professionals track the success of their efforts. However, collecting this data can be overly tedious. RPA software can help speed up the process and provide more detailed reports on the progress of campaigns, content, and more. From social media monitoring to performance tracking, RPA can analyze the data and generate reports that inform marketing decisions.

Comidor RPA Software

Now that we’ve reviewed a few robotic process automation use cases, it’s time for your company to implement this software. Comidor’s innovative RPA software can manage your high-volume, repetitive tasks while freeing up your employee’s time. Our software can help your team automate tasks, reduce costs, and all but eliminate human error in the workplace.

In this article, you can explore two RPA application cases of real business problems.

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