Cloud development platform

Cloud development platform, a necessity to every Enterprise

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This is the first of a series of articles that will evolve over time aiming to journey readers to the world of enterprise cloud development.

Cloud applications are growing rapidly, mainly due to the fact that cloud endows enterprises with the ability to multiply its solutions portfolio and thus attract a much bigger audience. Customers are able to connect without installing complicated software on expensive servers like in the past and take advantage of SaaS products and their lower cost. But is SaaS adoption enough? What about giving more freedom to IT managers to build their desired solutions without constraints? Would that be a game changer? Retrospectively, he gradual change from client – server to cloud applications the last decade, transformed the software requirements of developers. The redesign of large existing projects to other development models and architectures as well as the implementation of new projects using the new cloud standards, requires a lot of training and resources.

The choice of a programming language that is currently used at server side (JAVA, ASP.NET,PHPetc) for SaaS applications can be frustrating. The installation and maintainance of VMs, provided as IaaS, on which the applications will be deployed required special expertise.The architecture of the web servers, the balancing and the scalability of the application in order to really take advantage of the huge cloud market is often too much for a medium sized IT company.

From the whole cloud model the PaaS model is missing. A cloud development platform which would give the ability to IT companies to develop, test and deploy their applications directly on the cloud, is currently missing from the market.

There are cloud IDEs at the moment which offer compilers for a variety of languages so that you can develop your code online from a web browser on any machine. But this is not really PaaS. This just gives the developers the ability to program at the same time, on different lanaguages from different machines and a web browser. Is this what IT decision makers really want? Nop!. The platform solution has been given long time ago with web site building platforms like Joomla, WordPress etc, making the life of web site developers much easier. This was one of the main reasons that led to the rapid growth of the number of web sites worldwide. This solution is also being given now on mobile platforms. Cloud mobile platforms that let you build mobile applications for Android, IOS and Windows Phone are emerging. These platforms don’t require expert knowledge of JAVA, C++ or Objective C. Developers can use visual web interface design, scripting (like Javascript or other custom script languages) and other tools to test and deploy their app.

We believe it’s finally the right time for this to make it happen for business cloud applications also?