cloud technology

Cloud computing

Open Source and Cloud Computing

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Many questions have arisen regarding the Cloud Computing and Open Source and if can be compatible with each other. Some…

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cloud scalability | Comidor Low-Code BPM Platform

Scalability – The reason for a greener cloud!

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Basically I have a pro environmental behavior but I admit that I’m not eco-friendly. I cannot consider myself as such…

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Cloud Security

Cloud Security Bucket List

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Enough has been said and circulated over any possible media you can imagine about Cloud security.No matter how thoroughly testers…

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Cloud Testing | Comidor Low-Code BPM Platform

5+1 things that cloudy testers should focus on

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I’ve always wondering what’s all this fuss about the cloud testing and how a SaaS should be tested; what is…

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From Amstrad to Wearable Devices: my IT Reminiscence

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Being born in the early 80’s I had the chance to live in a world in the breakpoint of technological…

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Open data

The “Cloudy” Question: Open Source or Open data?

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There is this epic debate about the co-existence of cloud computing and open source software. Some as Richard Stallman, GNU…

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cloud migration | Comidor Low-Code BPM Platform

5 Reasons Why Businesses Migrate To The Cloud Slower

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It’s an undeniable fact that the pace of cloud migration is slow and here’s why: 1.People are afraid of changes…

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Startup Ideas

Do Not Waste Any More Startup Ideas!

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Having a beer with friends the other night the topic was around missed business opportunities. Ok, all of us had…

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Cloud development platform

Cloud development platform, a necessity to every Enterprise

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This is the first of a series of articles that will evolve over time aiming to journey readers to the…

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