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Scalability – The reason for a greener cloud!

Scalability – The reason for a greener cloud! 700 700 Comidor Low-code Automation Platform

Basically I have a pro environmental behavior but I admit that I’m not eco-friendly. I cannot consider myself as such while spending at least half of my day working-surfing-chatting-surfing-working through my office PC, my two laptops, my smart phone and my tablet. You have to admit that none of us is. Certainly YOU’re not ‘cause you’re reading these lines of mine, which means that you have time to waste, which in turn means you’re wasting precious electricity in rubbish…

As with all mega-impact life-changing technology breakthroughs, people need this extra bit of “conscious peace of mind” before pledging their selves to total submission. They need to know that in the end of the day they do nothing wrong (or they do little harm) eco-wise.  The “Green Cloud” is no exception to this psycho re-assurance happening…

So on top of the usual self-convincing arguments of why Business should opt for Cloud solutions (I’m not going to analyze more the obvious here):

  • Cost savings
  • Integration
  • Cloud Scalability
  • Multitenancy
  • Flexibility
  • User-control
  • etc.

You can also claim with much pride that Cloud is Greener! Many studies (most notably the one from Accenture) showed that Cloud is indeed Greener in comparison to the old on-premise installations. Going a bit further, it was shown that cloud is more energy efficient in small deployments, busting a long lasting myth that cloud is more suitable for large IT installations. Cloud is Greener due to:

  • Multi-Tenancy allowing large numbers of users to be served from a shared infrastructure.
  • Reduced computing resources as IaaS better matches infrastructure’s capacity with the services’ actual demand.
  • Optimum infrastructure utilization as IaaS by default operates at higher utilization rates.

So, no matter the size of your business or the demand for infrastructure you ain’t go wrong with Cloud. Paraphrasing some epic lyrics:

The Cloud is Greener

The future is brighter

With friends surrounded

The SaaS of wonder