What is a Business Process?

What is a Business Process?

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Gartner defines “ Business process as an event-driven, end-to-end processing path that starts with a customer request and ends with a result for the customer. Business processes often cross departmental and even organizational boundaries ”.

In other words, a business process refers to a set of connected activities or tasks that are triggered because of an event, are performed by organization resources (physical or human) and lead in pre-defined business goals accomplishment, such as a service or product. Business Processes are part of any organization, whether there are visible to customers or are part of management.

Clearly stated business processes that never stop being improved and adopting to a changing market environment, are the basis of a successful business run.

A business process may include individual or automated activities that have multiple input data, are affected by different factors and produce a specific output. Usually, these activities can be visualized as a workflow of connected stages that can be performed in parallel or sequentially depending on specific rules or decisions.

Since 1776, when Adam Smith had first described what a business process is, BPM discipline has been developed to delineate business operations.