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15 Free BPM Software Options to Elevate Your Business

15 Free BPM Software Options to Elevate Your Business 790 527 Comidor Low-code Automation Platform

Every company functions using a set of business processes that work together to complete tasks and achieve goals. But did you know that there’s actually software out there that can help you automate these processes?

Business processes are a set of tasks/activities that are performed to accomplish a specific goal of a business or organization. The system by which we record and design flexible and productive processes is called Business Process Management (BPM) software.

You’ll have the chance to save time and money using these free BPM software options. Keep reading to learn more about BPM and where you can find free BPM solutions.

What Is BPM?

Let’s start by defining what business process management is.

According to Gartner, “Business Process Management (BPM) is a discipline that uses various methods to discover, model, analyze, measure, improve and optimize business processes.”

Consequently, a BPM platform is an exceptional solution that can help businesses manage and automate processes, improving both productivity and corporate performance. A critical component of operational intelligence, this software bridges the gap between IT and business. Moreover, BPM is an ongoing activity that connects people (employees, customers, partners) information and systems, that should collaborate together to deliver beneficial results. Businesses are able to build advanced workflows through workflow designers and automate end-to-end processes. In short, you can utilize this software to improve business operations and create the ultimate user experience.

Why Choose BPM?

Free BPM software offers ample benefits for your workplace. Using this software, you’ll have the opportunity to deliver business value on the day-to-day operations. Organizations use BPM software to reduce costs, eliminate silos, and ultimate user experience.

These platforms also offer easy-to-use  No-Code / Low-Code/  interfaces for designing and modeling these processes, meaning you won’t need to rely on your IT team as heavily to build a workflow or process from scratch. Anyone in your company can use this software to create and manage applications.

Additionally, BPM software offers real-time data and reports that can help you improve your organizational business processes. You’ll be able to easily identify issues in your workflows or processes and determine the best solution moving forward. If that means changing your workflow or revamping a process, you’ll have the chance to do that efficiently with BPM software.

With improved business processes and accurate progress reports, your company can offer the highest quality of service to your customers. Happy customers = more business!

15 Free BPM Software Options

Now that we’ve defined BPM software and explained why it’s a worthwhile tool for your business, we’ll dive into some of the best free BPM software options available.

1. Comidor

The first contender on our list of the best free BPM software options is Comidor. Having a simple and No-Code/ Low-Code interface, Comidor BPM software is a must-have for companies. Easily build applications with drag-and-drop functionality or explore the Application Marketplace to find easy-to-use applications.

Furthermore, Comidor offers additional tools such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that can be combined with your BPM software to help your company achieve Hyper-automation. Improve your business processes and achieve high-quality results with Comidor BPM software.

2. Kissflow

Kissflow Workflow is a powerful BPM platform enabling business users to create, deploy, and manage processes with minimal coding. Its lightweight approach allows non-coders to design familiar processes using a simple visual interface and drag-and-drop features. From simple to complex processes, Kissflow empowers rapid creation within minutes.

3. Adobe LiveCycle

Adobe LiveCycle is another free BPM software that utilizes enterprise documentation and form platform to manage business processes. With this software, you’ll be able to integrate your information with other Adobe Cloud products to track leads and identify opportunities for improvement. Let Adobe LiveCycle handle your onboarding, digital enrollment, and more!

4. jBPM

jBPM is a great option for those interested in using Java-scripted software. This free BPM software utilizes reusable aspects to help a business map out the workflows and processes to help them achieve company goals. This software comes equipped with features such as reporting and history logging that help businesses improve and update their current processes.

5. Pipefy

Pipefy is a free BPM software choice for businesses experiencing delays within their current business processes. This software was built with the purpose of automating bottleneck issues to speed up workflows and complete projects at a more efficient pace. Team members are able to build custom processes quickly. With Pipefy, you’ll also have the option to integrate RPA, automate approval processes, and analyze data for report accuracy.

6. ARIS Express

For those just starting in the world of BPM software, ARIS Express may be a good option. This platform offers free training for any individual looking to use their software for organizational structures, processes, data, and more. Developers can also enjoy modeling assistance as they create their business processes, helping them work their way through the software with ease.

7. Bizagi

Like Comidor, Bizagi utilizes Low-Code to help developers create and implement business processes. This platform can automate both simple and complex processes, so you won’t have to worry about remembering all those steps needed to complete your workflow. With Bizagi, you can change or reuse pre-existing templates to streamline the automation process and achieve faster results.

8. Bitrix24

If you’re not sure how to start with BPM software, Bitrix24 may be the right choice for you. Right from the start, you’ll have access to a standard set of business processes created by Bitrix24 for you. These standard templates are based on your company needs but are easily changeable to suit your growing business. This free BPM software is especially helpful for sales management.

9. Alfresco

Integrate this free BPM software with enterprise systems such as Google Drive and other Alfresco Process Services. With Alfresco, you’ll receive a speedy BPM software created entirely with Java. This software was created to assist in completing tasks such as analysis, software creation, and business process compatibility.

10. Bonitasoft BPM

Reinvent your business processes with Bonitasoft BPM. This software is all about accuracy and collaboration. Using the visual Bonita Portal, you can see where business processes may need improvements or quickly find errors in the system that need to be corrected. Create user interfaces with the Bonita UI Designer.

11. RunaWFE

This Low-Code business application platform includes plenty of assistive features to help you manage your company’s day-to-day operations. With RunaWFE, you’ll have access to tools such as Form Builder,  Workflow Engine, and Task Notification Client. Simplify operational tasks using RunaWFE’s BPM software.

12. jSonic BPM

This free BPM software is a great choice for individuals not familiar with BPM. From start to finish, developers will have full control over the creation of their business processes with jSonic. This platform comes stocked with all the tools you’ll need so your IT team won’t need to stress over technical coding. Enjoy features such as the Business Rules Engine or Process Modeler to create your business processes.

13. ProcessMaker

Any developer from your company can design and implement high-quality business processes with ProcessMaker. Automate your workflows in any department and save time in your day with this free BPM software. And don’t miss out on the high-tech dashboards that show real-time and accurate results right at your fingertips.

14. Joget

Easily build business applications using this free BPM software’s low-code technology. Joget offers a combination of Business Process Automation, Rapid Application Development, and Workflow Management to ensure your company is producing the highest-quality results efficiently.

15. Camunda

At Camunda, customer experience and business agility are top priorities. That’s why they’ve created a free BPM software that allows businesses the flexibility they need to create functional processes. This platform offers technical support and training to help your business implement the BPM software and accomplish your business goals.

Choose Comidor for Your BPM Needs

When it comes to choosing the right BPM platform for your business, consider Comidor! Our state-of-the-art technology and easy-to-use platform make automation in the workplace simple. With our Workflow Designer,  you can customize your workflows and processes to fit your needs. Keep your customers happy with consistent and quality results each time.

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