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Business Process Management Platform

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What is a Business Process Management Platform?

A business process management platform is a software tool that helps businesses in order to manage and automate business processes to improve productivity and corporate performance. It is considered a critical component of operational intelligence as it bridges the gap between IT and Business.

According to Wikipedia, the critical components of a BPM Platform are:

  • The process engine used for process modeling, automation and execution
  • Business Analytics measured to identify issues and opportunities
  • Content Management to store, secure documents and make them easily accessible
  • Collaboration Tools to remove communication barriers and increase team productivity

Comidor Business Process Management Platform

Comidor Business Process Management Platform is an online BPM tool, which is developed in order to help medium and large enterprises transform digitally. It adjusts perfectly to every business’s needs offering all four critical components mentioned above, combined with many more features.

Process Engine

According to Techopedia:

“A business process engine (BPE) is a software framework that enables the execution and maintenance of process workflows. It provides business process interaction and communication between different data/process sources spread across one or more IT applications and services.”

Comidor Process Engine:

Comidor Process Engine offers complete process management and workflow automation functionality including:

  • Generic Processes: easily create and monitor collaborative Business Processes. Comidor Generic Processes are the core of Comidor Business Process Management and serve as a basis to structure the more complex types of business processes described below. All Comidor process types can be linked to any other Comidor business entity (Files, Accounts, Contacts, Tasks, Workflows etc.).
  • Issue Management: create entities that refer to a course of action regarding an issue that can be assigned and be brought to completion by multiple people, teams, and groups.
  • Opportunity Management: organize your potential deals. Create, edit and manage your opportunities and finally, if you close the deal turn your opportunities to Contacts automatically.
  • Tickets: handle your Issues and monitor the progress of their resolving path.
  • Process Dashboard: control and monitor all business processes from the same screen. You can short processes, filter results and get all the information you need about process planning and execution.
  • Process Scheduling: create a process which will be repeating continuously.
  • Process Templates: have all your standardized processes in one place and have the guidelines to follow a very specific company’s procedure.
  • Workflow Automation: map and track any organizational process through Workflow unit. Workflows fully exploit the organizational structure to provide unprecedented process design and action monitoring. Through Workflows Designer, user can either navigate and modify existing processes or create a new one using BPMN 2.0 with drag-n-drop functionality.

Business Analytics

According to

“Business analytics (BA) is the practice of iterative, methodical exploration of an organization’s data, with an emphasis on statistical analysis. Business analytics is used by companies committed to data-driven decision-making.”

Comidor Business Analytics

Comidor is a business process management platform that applies to all business departments collecting useful data. Then, all those data is analyzed and represented in the form of reports and visual analytics to be used for optimizing business operations and improve performance. Moreover, users can export reports by the Report builder tool and customize them with the help of advanced filters. They are separated into four different sections Task, Opportunities, Accounts and Project’s Reports.

Dashboards help you monitor everything depending your role in the company. Set filters to access several metrics which include information about performance, process completion, execution statistics and more. In case you need to view more detailed data you can switch views and instantly get more information.

Content Management

According to Wikipedia:

“A content management system (CMS) is a computer application that supports the creation and modification of digital content. Typically it supports multiple users working in a collaborative environment.”

Comidor Content Management

Content versioning and sharing is fundamental when talking about optimization of business operations. Especially, a strong content management system can make information available to everyone involved can improve performance and empower collaboration. Comidor Content Management consists of three parts:

  • Files: integrate with Google Drive, Dropbox and Box, access files according to your rights and share folders with your colleagues. Users can link all files to projects, processes, and any other business entity.
  • Notes: keep your own Notes in order to remember important information. Also, you can share your notes with your colleagues, or export their notes at an MS excel file.
  • Wikis: Wiki means ‘’quick’’ and that is exactly the role of Wikis in Comidor. Therefore, you can transfer fast and easily the knowledge inside your company. Maintain your business knowledge database through Comidor’s Wikipedia-style pages.

Enterprise Collaboration

Forrester defines Enterprise Collaboration as:

“Sharing activities and data across a network of allies, enterprise collaboration codifies the knowledge that a company creates and efficiently disseminates it to the people who need it — when they need it.”

Comidor Collaboration

Collaboration features’ purpose is to remove communication barriers that make the process execution difficult. Hence, we have built Comidor business process management platform on a core of enterprise collaboration software, offering full collaboration functionality including:

  • Interactive Calendar: monitor your tasks and orders (assigned tasks) either on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. With group calendars, you can also access your group tasks and all organizations’ non-private tasks.
  • Events: create events to inform your colleagues about specific occasions, send/accept invitations and keep record of meetings.
  • Finally, Task Management: manage your personal Tasks, your Group tasks, assign Tasks to others, and the Orders that others have assigned you.
  • Communication: connect your emails to Comidor so as to communicate with anyone outside your company or send internal messages to other Comidor users.
  • Notifications: send notifications in order to inform Comidor users for tasks, processes, emails etc.

Custom Business Process Management Platform

A business process management platform should include all the components mentioned above, but sometimes even all those features are not sufficient for complex process modeling and execution. Therefore, IT companies started developing more flexible bpm platforms that can easily extend to fit every business’s needs. This flexibility refers not only to existing feature extension but to adding brand new features and functionalities as well. Flexible BPM Platforms’ goal is to support businesses as they grow and be the core of a transforming digital environment.

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