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Machine Learning and BPM | Comidor Low-Code BPM Platform

How Machine Learning Transforms BPM

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If you already use a BPM software in your business you already see the benefits: proper risk management, transparency, employee…

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BPM Software from a Developer's Perspective | Comidor Low-Code BPM

BPM Software from a Developer’s Perspective

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The term “business process management” or BPM is often encountered in conjunction with the concept of Six Sigma and other similar…

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Blockchain as a medium for Business Process Management | Comidor BPM

Blockchain as a medium for Business Process Management

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Chapter 1: Overview of the blockchain technology The term blockchain has been circulating in modern computing technologies for the past…

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Blockchain-Smart Contracts for Business Process Management | Comidor Low-Code BPM Platform

Implementing Blockchain for Business Process Management

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As the business environment changes rapidly, a transition to new technological advances and transformative breakthroughs is essential for every organization…

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Low-code Platform Trends 2019 | Low-Code | Comidor BPM

Low-Code Development Platform Trends 2019

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Entrepreneurs can now use low-code development tools to fuel operational efficiency and improve the experience of their customers. Futurists expect…

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How to Choose The Best BPM For Your Business - Comidor BPM Platform

How to Choose The Best BPM For Your Business

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Getting the right business process management (BPM) software can be a challenge for many reasons. First, BPM is a sophisticated…

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Stages of the Design Thinking Process | Comidor Low-Code BPM Platform

What Are the Stages of the Design Thinking Process?

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Design thinking is a solution-focused approach to tackling business problems. It is one of the most important emerging trends, essentially…

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Business Process Creation - Comidor BPM

Get Ahead of The Competition Through Business Process Creation

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Today’s global economy has been tough to all businesses in general, but it is especially tougher for medium and small-scale…

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Benefits of business automation | Comidor BPM

How Business Automation can Supercharge Growth

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As you likely already have seen, automation and the next wave of digital tools have already made their way into…

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Digital Transformation in the Public Sector | Comidor BPM Platform

Digital Transformation and BPM in the Public Sector

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According to Miguel Carrasco, a BCG partner and managing directors, “Governments are making progress in their transition to the digital…

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