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Workflow Automation Definitions

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Workflow Definition

A workflow is a group of successive actions that lead to the completion of a task. This task must be repetitive so that its steps are predictable and can be automated. Each step depends on the previous creating a sequence of actions that alternate.  The way in which the actions alternate requires the involvement of 2 or more people for this structure to be considered a workflow and not just a series of activities. The need for workflow automation is rising as more and more businesses use workflows for their business processes.

Workflow Automation Definition

Workflow Automation is a procedure in which business rules are applied to workflows to decide when one step has been completed and the execution of the next can begin. The right person will be notified at the right time about what has to be done and in what order. In other words, it is the automation of the predictable steps of a repetitive task so they no longer have to be done manually. The manual processes are improved and replaced with digital solutions in order to support the needs of digital business. Workflow automation creates consistency and can be applied to any business department, and interdepartmental. Workflow Automation can be applied through business process management tools.

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