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What is Workflow Management? Definition and Common Features

What is Workflow Management? Definition and Common Features 789 443 Comidor Low-code Automation Platform

Every team in your company has certain processes they follow to complete their work. But how do you keep track of all these workflows and ensure they’re optimized to the highest functionality? That’s where workflow management comes in.  

Read on to learn what is workflow management and why automating your workflows may be the best decision for your organization.  

What is Workflow Management? Definition

Let’s define what a workflow is. A workflow is a set of steps, or a process, created to produce the desired end result. Each team member is assigned certain tasks within the workflow in order to achieve a successful process. 

Workflow management, then, is the concept of improving and automating your workflows to ensure they are fully optimized. This management often begins with identifying which tasks are repetitive and should be automated as well as finding where improvements can be made.   

Workflow management has been made simple with the invention of workflow management systems (WfMS). These systems are used to automate workflows by storing and transporting important data through each task until the entire process is completed. We’ll discuss the features of the WfMS tool below.  

productivity-and-automation | ComidorWorkflow Management System (WfMS) Features 

Workflow management systems come equipped with an extensive list of features that can help you automate your workflows, save you time and resources, and drive higher-quality results. We’ve listed just a few of these beneficial features below.  

1. Low-Code/No-Code 

Many workflow management system tools use a Low-Code/No-Code approach. This means that users are able to create and implement automated workflow applications with little to no coding necessary. By using this type of development platform, anyone in the business is able to design or adjust workflow applications with ease. You won’t need to wait on your IT department to build an entire workflow or make necessary changes to existing workflows in order to complete your work. 

In addition, WfMS software often utilizes the drag and drop functionality to make your work easier. Once you’ve built your workflow using this simple tool, you can easily manage and adjust your workflows later on with the click of a button 

2. Cloud Development Platform Operation 

Cloud technology is an ever-growing technological trend. By using cloud technology, you can build your workflows and share them across your company in one convenient location. You’ll also be able to pull your workflows from the cloud and import them into a local system when necessary. All of your information can be readily accessible with this cloud development platform 

3. Mobile-Friendly Interface 

Use your workflow management system anytime and anywhere with its mobile-friendly interface. Whether you want to check in on processes while on the go or need to update a client on the status of your workflow during an important meeting, you’ll have access to it at your fingertips.  

4. In-Depth Reporting 

Tracking your workflows and analyzing results is an essential part of making process improvements. With workflow management systems, you can track key performance indicators (KPIs) and find where your workflow is excelling and where improvements can be made to increase quality results.  

5. Notifications & Reminders 

As tasks are completed and sent off to the next team member, the workflow management systems’ notification and reminders features will be vital. Instead of manually checking where tasks are and trying to find the next task, team members will be notified that a task has been assigned to them. They’ll also receive reminders of upcoming due dates for optimal prioritization, so overdue tasks can become a thing of the past.  

6. Process-enabled applications 

Sometimes workflows require connection with applications to fully complete the job. With a tool like WfMS, that’s not a problem! You’ll be able to integrate other applications right into your customized workflow to make completing tasks and handling company communication easier.  

7. High-Level Security 

Like many automation platforms, workflow management systems offer their own unique high-level security systems. Some of these systems may even include additional safety features such as authentication and customizable access controls. You’ll be able to manage who sees certain workflows or information to ensure that data is being shared with the right people.  

8. Advanced Customization 

Pre-made workflows don’t always work with your company’s needs. That’s why investing in a workflow management system, such as the Comidor Low-Code development platform, that offers customization is essential. You’ll have the opportunity to create custom applications and manage your workflows based on what your company requires.  

9. Company Collaboration 

The final feature we’ll discuss today revolves around company-wide collaboration. Managing workflows is a team effort, so clear and effective communication is key to efficient processes. Using a WfMS tool, you can design workflows intended for optimal communication and enhance your company and team collaboration.  

Features of Top WfMS | Comidor

Achieve Advanced Workflow Management and Automation With Comidor

In the age of digital transformation, automating your workflowis just one step in the right direction. Take workflow automation to the next level using Comidor’s Business Process Management (BPM) software. This automation tool allows you to create workflows and build applications in one place. You’ll gain an overview of your entire company’s workflows and be able to make changes as needed.  

Comidor is ready to introduce you to the technological revolution of workflow management and automation. Contact us today to learn how to integrate our workflow management systems into your business!

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