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RPA Trends and Tips to Watch in 2022

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According to PWC, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) market is expected to reach $8.8B by 2027.  As stated in the report, RPA is the first step of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in an enterprise. RPA trends play a significant role in improving business efficiency, productivity, and achieving operational excellence.

Whether you are to sort out your bank account details, place an order at Pro-papers, or ask for expert advice on your company’s accounting issues, RPA will grant you a hand of help. In recent years, businesses and services are exploiting robotic process automation along with artificial intelligence to increase the productivity and efficiency of their performance. If RPA is still something new and unfamiliar for you and you are afraid of smart robots to replace human workers in the near time, read on. Learn more about RPA trends, features and find out how to grab benefits for your company or yourself with the use of the latest technologies.

What is RPA

RPA or robotic process automation replaces human workers in performing repetitive tasks and following the established patterns and instructions to operate mundane processes. RPA software technologies allow people to concentrate on more complicated processes and perform creative tasks while doing dull work instead. These robots follow the instructions and strategies programmed by people earlier to succeed in finishing simple and paternal operations. Robotic software is cherished for managing a great bulk of data in a short time, processing precise calculations, audits and predictions, eliminating any mistakes and human errors.

RPA Trends in 2022

Being in high demand, RPA is constantly developing with new features added, and trends emerged. Discover the brand-new RPA trends to stay in tune and gather the top benefits for personal or company prosperity:

1. Combination with AI – the newest robotic software is often combined with AI so those smart robots can cover even more difficult tasks and take primitive decisions on their own. This means that bots will execute not only previously programmed actions but get self-educated and mimic human actions and behavior eventually.

2. Strong dependency on new technologies – with new technologies evolving at a rapid pace, robotic process automation evolves alongside. This means RPA will add in features and efficiency by default.

3. Individual approach – the latest trends are commonly defined by the world pandemic and the limits it has brought. RPA trends are no exception. With many remotely, there is a high need to assign bots for individual support of not only clients but employees as well. So, there is a boost in RPA development with a customized approach and professional assistance features.

4. New fields coverage – robotic software used to be the primary tool for financial, economic, and IT-related spheres in any industry. Fortunately, smart technologies are evolving to cover new fields and assist workers and clients in all possible fields. The significant improvement is visible with RPA usage in HR, customer verification, and customer experience enhancement.

5. Employee experience in focus – although RPA was commonly used to enhance customer experience and add to general company revenue, but the latest key trend is to care about employee wellness as well. RPA assistance is aimed at increasing employee morale, satisfaction, and convenient workflow.

6. Data privacy prioritized – with RPA having access to a significant amount of private data, the issue of security is sharply raised. This means that new features and modifications will include improved privacy policies.

RPA-trends | ComidorRPA trends are expected to meet the needs of big companies, individual workers, and customers at an increased level with new features added and AI technologies implemented.

Tips to Choose the Best RPA Software

With a variety of RPA trends available, it is vital to determine the best suitable solution for your company or personal needs. Consider the following peculiarities to grab the biggest advances from RPA:

  • Vendor experience and support – considering the versatility of vendors and RPA tools, it may be difficult to select the suitable one. But the key secret is opting for the same tool the companies of similar size and operation industry exploit successfully. Ask to see RPA application cases of real business problems where the vendor has included RPA elements in the solution. It is also recommended to choose a vendor with a support option. This means you will have technical assistance and receive the technologies update in the long run.
  • Technical features – aim at scalability, enhanced security features, screen scraping features, and artificial intelligence abilities. This all will determine the efficiency of RPA tools and the increased ROI of your company in the long run.
  • Ease-of-use and training available – care that the robotic process automation tools will help your employees perform better but not add extra difficulties. So, opt for RPA to be simple in use, and even if there are some processes of higher complexity, it is preferred that the vendor supply training or guides benefit from the chosen tools easily.
  • Cost – the total cost includes implementation of tools, maintenance, and support, some additional licenses. Mind that the price is usually corresponding with the quality.
  • Multi-experience platform – offered by software and tools that combine Business Process Automation with Low-Code development and RPA. These tools combine these advanced technologies to streamline, automate and optimize end-to-end business processes.

RPA Tips | Comidor

If you are lucky to receive the recommendations, go for it. Dwell on every point to opt for the best tool and grab the grandiose advances in a short and long rung either for the whole company or for personal needs.

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