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Smart Ways to Make Most Out Of BPM Solutions

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Business Process Management Solutions

Business Process Management (BPM) is a discipline in operations management in which people use various methods to discover, model, analyse, measure, improve, optimize, and automate business processes. BPM focuses on improving corporate performance by managing business processes. Business Process Management activities can be arbitrarily grouped into categories such as design, modelling, execution, monitoring, and optimization.

Business Process Management Solutions (BPM) solutions are software tools designed to carry out the essential operations of business process management, namely modelling, executing, evaluating, and improving business processes to ensure optimal efficiency and productivity.

10 Must-Have BMM Software Features

Get the best out of a BPM solution by implementing several BPM sofware features to your software.

1. Low-Code Functionality

There are extremely simplified solutions for novice users and other solutions that allow a power user customise a form and make it do exactly what they want. Look out for a platform that is business friendly, involves little to no coding/low-code functionality, and lets users build and manage their own processes with a lot of IT support.

2. Cloud-based BPM Solutions

Look at the use case of the solution. Cloud-based BPM solutions do not have to be installed on-site, and you can start using them from the moment you have completed payment. Cloud-based solutions are also cheaper.

3. Drag-n-Drop Form Builders

Arranging workflows as a sequential series of tasks, accompanied by data-collecting forms, and defining the team members involved in various stages creates a workflow that you can use to make logical decisions based on the rules you have set up.

4. Powerful Administrator Features

The BPM solution must have powerful administrator features. As an administrator, the user needs to carry out simple tasks such as reassign individual tasks, bulk reassigns, delete items, and edit forms as needed in the business process, without having to depend on an administrator from the BPM solution provider to get any work done.

5. Monitor the Performance

Importantly, you must be able to review statistics and metrics that show all open tasks, the current status of an item, how long it takes to complete tasks, etc.  You have the ability to customise the reports, download the reports and carry out analysis as required for process efficiency reviews. Also, look out for a solution that allows you monitor, analyse and provides insights into business processes.

6. Choose a Solution that Scales Accordingly

Ensure that the chosen solution can handle your business size. Some solutions are able to handle small- and medium-sized businesses while some others handle enterprise operations.

7. Permission Settings

How much access controls you want to put in place also counts. You may want to display only certain fields to people, or restrict access of some sections of your form to a few people, or give permission of some part of your data to a team. You can best utilize your BPM software once you are able to handle all of these different situations.

8. Automation Capabilities

Look out for Automation Capabilities that allow you route data and sequentially execute tasks without manual intervention. It is well known that Business Automation can Supercharge Business Growth.

9. Mobile friendly

As more and more people use mobile, be sure that your BPM solution is optimised for mobile. Users have low tolerance for applications that they can only use when they sit at a desk.

10. BPM Integrations

You must be able to integrate the BPM solution to other core software systems within the company. These integrations should include detailed API support, web hooks, REST APIs, etc.

You can also use BPM Solutions to optimise your business of ecommerce development company. First of all, find out how to choose the best BPM for your business. Use BPM solutions to automate internal business processes such as membership sign-ups, discount code use, determining additional shipping and tax fees. It can be used to screen, sign contracts with and on-board vendors in a single consolidated workflow. It can be used to optimise the process of refunds for cancelled and returned items, to handle customer enquiries via a chat box and generate customer experience through the use of generated cases so that it is ensured that the customer inquiry/complaint is not missed and is properly treated. Customer information in a BPM solution can be fed directly into a database. Customers can rate the service they receive and provide other feedback that can be utilised to pinpoint efficient and inefficient systems and enable a better user experience.

These software solutions are designed to help businesses optimize their everyday business processes to maximise the efficiency and productivity. Comidor services are able to satisfy many business needs for BPM solutions.