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Community edition is freely available and offer rich functionality for collaboration and non-critical business processes.
  • Cloud version


Full functionality, scalability, integration, customization, performance and enterprise class support available at variable configurations and costs.
  • Cloud version
  • Downloadable version


Trusted, secure and extendable Collaboration and Business Processes Framework, for Government and Public sector
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Features Comparison

Community Enterprise Government
Integrated Communication
Comidor Email Client Full functional Email client
Email Integration Email integration with Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and any other email account.
Multiple Email Accounts Multiple email accounts integration. One inbox for all.
Internal Emails Personal and Group internal messages with rich email functionality.
Email Threading Conversation threading helps you keep track of all subsequent replies and forwards of an original email.
Email Automation Categorize your inbox and trigger automated links and actions
Scheduling of Mass mailing Send pre-sheduled email in a specified list of email accounts.
Email triggering New Actions Create a quick new Contact/Account/Task/Process that will be connected with this email.
Email Templates Create, customize and re-use HTML Email Templates.
E-signature Set up your email signature that will be generated automatically each time you start writing an email.
Out-of-Office Reply Set up an automatic ou-of-office response while you are away and select whether this will be cancelled manually or automatically.
Chat Rooms Instant Messenger with push notifications and pop-up windows. Can also create Group Chat and talk with users from different teams.
Screen Sharing Share your screen with you colleauges.
HD Video Conference Enjoy HD Video calls with colleauges.
Activity Stream Online notes, messages, posts, alerts and updates
Topics to discuss about Use Topics as community forums, while monitoring each topic's access rights.
Push Notifications Push Notifications for new messages, mails, notes, tasks and processes. Also, upon each task or process completion and any other notification or remnider set.
Enterprise Collaboration
Interactive Personal Calendar Calendar that includes all types of Tasks set by you or someone has assigned to you (Work, Meeting, Event, Phone Call, Reminder, Private Work, Travel, Appointment). Task state and type control.
Team Calendar Group Calendars to check group tasks per department you are a member of. Supervised Calendars, where team leaders check their team tasks.
Calendar Integration Calendar Integration with Google Calendar/Exchange Server.
Complete to-do Dashboard Complete to-do Dashboard with drag and drop interface. Easy connections between mails-tasks-processes.
Task Tracking Task Tracking stages (upcoming,running, paused, canceled, completed) stated with different colouring and icons.Easy task monitring, editing and completion.
Repetitive Tasks Set up and create automated repetitive tasks.
Task Reminders Use Email/SMS/Push Reminders to notify yourself or other users/teams upon task time or completion.
Quick Task creation Create quick tasks via Email/Process/Account/Contact.
Events Scheduling Create Events and use e-participation feature to notify and update on users and teams.
User Timesheets Check User utilization and identify over-utilized and less utilised users.
Account Management Accounts' segmentation. Connections with all related Processes, Contacts, Files, Mails, Tasks etc.
Account Timesheets Tasks across all Accounts. Filters applied.
Contact Management Contacts importing. Contacts' connections with all related Processes, Contacts, Files, Mails, Tasks etc.
Task Widgets Tasks related graphs and widgets
Task Reports Unlimited customized upon specific criteria reports.
Task Indicators Set own task measurements and keep track of employees' productivity.
Personnel Management Personnel Segmentation (Candidate, Active, Retired etc.).
Leave Management Leave Management with Absence calendar.
Organizational Chart Set up your organizational chart, put users inside groups and assign team leaders.
Document Management (DMS)
Folders and Files Personal/Publi/Shared folders and files.
Files Scoring Use star-rating system to find your documents through their scoring.
Files Versioning Keep older versions of a file, at any case.
Document Locking Prevent users with read access from making any change.
Online Preview Preview documents online. No need to download it at your system.
File Integration Integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, Box.
Text/HTML Online Editing Create and Edit online rich or plain HTML texts.
Content (CMS) and Data Management
Wikis/Knowledge sharing Maintain business knowledge database inside your company.
Personal Notes Keep personal notes, notify other users regarding them or just keep them private.
Discussion Boards Discuss with below tasks or processes. Maintain who will receive notification about the discussion boards.
Object Data Links/Dependencies Easy-to-create connections between every Comidor object. Related emails, tasks, accounts, contacts, processes, files can be linked together.
Tags & Advanced Filtering Create and re-use public or private tags and filters.
Global Search Mechanism Search any record, email, file, notification by its name in Comidor.
Quick Adds Quick buttons to send email, save file, add a note/contact/account/task/process.
Data Sharing Rules Manage each record view and edit rights.
Activity History Navigate back to each record history.
People Management
Personnel Management Personnel Segmentation (Candidate, Active, Retired etc.).
Absense Management Leave Management with Absence calendar.
Job & Skill Management Assign and search with jobs and skills.
Role based Access ControlAssign roles and link role with rights.
Personnel workload managementPersonnel timesheets.
Personnel productivity reportsPersonnel productivity reports.
Project Management
Portfolio Management Manage current or upcoming projects with a wide range of applications. Process Prioritization, RAG Status and Importance.
Team Scheduling Easy orders scheduling, utilization of each employee in each schedule.
Gantt Chart View schedules in the Gantt chart, follow critical paths, check milestones and avoid project bottlenecks.
Kanban Boards VIn each schedule, assign tasks that have to be done, see what's on and confirm tasks that have been completed.
Task & Subtasks Split up the work into smaller parts.
Task Dependencies See what task should be completed prior another task completion.
Deliverables & Requirements Put deliverables and requirements on each schedule/phase of the project. Track them until have been both delivered and met, respectively.
Milestones Chart Follow the significant dates of the project and act accordingly.
Burndown Chart Check what work is left versus time.
Project Accounting Income, expenses and budgeting management for each project
Project Work Reports Workload and cost of workload reports, Financials report.
Project Progress Reports Schedules, tasks of projects and deliverables reports.
Project Widgets Projects graphs and charts.
Asset & Resource Management Manage resource availability per project and check workload rates.
Resources Cost Set different cost per employee for each project participates.
Project Timesheets Tasks across all Projects.
Project Integration Importing from MS Project.
Sales Force Automation (SFA)
Opportunity Management Manage Opportunities from first Approach to Closed Sale or Failure. Associate Opportunities with other CRM and non CRM records (files, mails, notifications).
Opportunity Timesheets Tasks across all Opportunities.
Opportunity Charts Comparison charts and graphs of won/lost Opportunities and Sales funnel.
Opportunity Reports From Opportunities per salesman reports to turnover sums reports.
Competition Management Measure sales success versus competitors'.
Campaign Management Schedule campaigns, track results and see recipient behaviour.
Campaign Templates Create, save and re-use HTML Campaign Templates.
Lead Management Leads scoring, pipeline and funnel. Tasks and Discussion boards below each Lead.
Lead Conversion Easy Lead conversion to Account/Contact or Opportunity
Products & Services Have a full list of your products/services pricelists and competitors' ones.
Contract Management All contracts in one place and connected with accossiated accounts and/or projects.
Site Analytics Dashboard Track website traffic, get information from your visitor journey and extract analytics.
Social Media Integration Connect and post on Facebook/Twitter. Schedule posts and save them on your personal Notes.
Income & Expenses Maintain company's income and expenses. Debit/Credit reporting and financial dashboard.
Budgeting Make predictions about future income and expenses.
Sales Widgets CRM Graphs, Charts and Dashboards creation upon specified criteria.
Sales Reports Cashflow and Sales analysis and reports.
Business Process Management (BPM)
Process Dashboard A customized process dashboard,where you can have a 360 view of each process.
Case Management General process management
Process Tracking Process Tracking with prioritization, RAG status and importance.
Process Categorization Process Categorization to reflect the business functions across all teams and departments
Process Segmentation Different Process states (Opened, Cofirmed, Running, Completed, Failed, Canceled, Paused). Segmentation by different criteria.
Ticket Management Handle customers' requests. Track conversation with the customer and reply straight through the Process.
Issue Management Agile Issue and Case management
Surveys & Answers Use Surveys in Contacts/Accounts/Opportunities/Personnel and act upon the Survey results.
Task & Subtasks Split up work in smaller parts and track computed work duration.
Process Accounting Complete Financial management of processes including Income, Expenses, Cashflow and Budgeting.
KPIs Set up objectives, define goals and reward teams and people.
Process Automation
Workflow Designer Create workflows in the designer and automate related Process.
Workflow Data Designer Definition of the data assosiated with each workflow stage.
Workflow Form Designer Design of the user form for each workflow stage.
Workflow Condition Editor Condition mechanism for workflow path selection.
Process Templates Create process templates and use them to quickly adopt data to new processes.
Process Scheduling Repetitive processes that start automatically.
Process Form Management Create custom form for each process task.
User Role Management Process task assignment through flixible user role mechanism.
Email Integration Email integration with Processes.
Task Integration Task integration with Processes.
Notification Scenarios Notify Admins, Supervisor or all Users of a -specific category- process creation upon specific criteria.
Questionnaire Designer Create form templates.
Reporting and Analytics
Customized Dashboards Use the widget management tool to create your customized dashboards.
Reports Get information through BI Tools like customized Reports, Charts, Graphs.
Views Use Report Builder to create you very own visualization of data.
User Defined Fields Add custom fields to Database tables and use them as normal ones.
Normal (table) view Normal table view of enterprise data with categorization, filtering, grouping and more.
Graph view Graphical representation of any enterprise data.
Cards view Cards (tile) view of enterprise data.
Map view Specific view with geological info.
Filter Management Manage public or private customized criteria and apply any filter on fetched data.
Integrated Mailbox Receive and send messages and emails with multiple email accounts.
Push Notifications Receive push notification upon any important occurrence.
Chat Rooms Chat with your coleagues using your phone.
Video Conference Make your video calls through Comidor mobile.
Interactive Calendar Interactive Calendar that includes all pending tasks.
Process and Task Filtering Search and find specific objects upon specific criteria.
Contact Management Easy Contact management.
Import Contacts to phone Easily import contacts from your phone.
Documents searching Document searching, filtering and viewing.
Document Upload/Download Easily upload/download documents.
Process Creation and Tracking Track your process changes and updates.
Site Analytics Dashboard Web Site analytics.
Development Platform
Database Management Full Database management environment isolated from Database infrustructure.
External Database connectivity Establish connection to any local or remote Database to get, receive or update data.
Data Diagram Design graphically the data flow and data relations and trigger actions when data change.
Component Diagram Design the user component diagram.
ServerScript editor Full power serverscript with Java like notation.
Javascript/HTML editor Programming Editor for HTML, Javascript and other resources.
Web services Design, implement and run safely web services.
Report Generator Embedded report generator.
Localization Manager Localize the environment to adapt to regional language, dialect or settings.
Customization services Customization environment for adaptation to company and user needs.
Layouts & Logo Add specific templates, frames and logos.
Services & Support
Online material
Support via email
Support via Chat/website
Telephone support
Dedicated Account Manager
Comidor File Storage
External Users
Application Rights Manage each user's access right on different comidor sections and units.
Data Access Rights Manage each user's read and write access.
Role based access control Restrict access to authorized users.
Full disk encryption Protect your data by converting them into unreadable code, preventing unauthorized access to data storage.
File level encryption Encrypt sensitive configuration files on the server
Database column-level encryption Apply Database encryption in a particular database column.
SSL encryption Establish an encrypted link between the server and your browser or mobile phone
Oracle / Amazon Firewall, OS Firewalls Control the incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security rules.
Web application firewalls Application firewall for HTTP applications. Cover common attacks such as cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection
Antivirus, Antispam Provides spam and virus protection for your emails and documents
Daily Backups across different regions Geographically distributed backups for effective disaster recovery