Guest Posting Opportunities on Low-code, BPM, Workflow Automation, RPA & AI/ML

Guest Posting Opportunities on Low-code, BPM, Workflow Automation, RPA & AI/ML 789 592 Comidor Low-code Automation Platform

Are you passionate about sharing your expertise and insights with a tech audience? We welcome guest bloggers who are interested in contributing valuable content to our website. Please, note that we are very selective with the topics we publish, and our team will review your guest post before publishing. If your topic is aligned with our content strategy and relevant to our website niche, we are happy to provide you with guest posting opportunities.

Guest Post Guidelines

You can find below some guidelines to follow to publish your post on our blog.  Keep in mind that you will not find restricted guidelines so have a look at them and create the best article for Comidor.

Note: If your article does not follow these guidelines, we reserve the right to reject the entire content or parts of it.

  1. Comidor is a Low-Code Automation Platform, so, we would like to focus on topics that are more relevant in these sectors such as Low-Code, Workflow Automation, Business Process Management, Intelligent Automation, RPA, AI/M, etc. Please explore Comidor’s main capabilities and features by visiting our website. If you have a story related to Comidor, do not hesitate to forward it. We want to read it and our visitors as well.
  2. Point out the focus keyword and use it throughout the article, and add an attractive title and a meta description, too.
  3. Please do not use metaphors or many general statements. We would love to enjoy the main concept of your article. Make a to-the-point, captivating introduction, and state your opinion or your idea using the focus keyword. Please, do not hesitate to point out some interesting statistical data or authentic business cases regarding the article subject with the original source links.
  4. Make sure that the length of the content is about 1200 words.
  5. Be brief and concise. Use short sentences. (10–15 words)
  6. Images should be no more than 750px wide; Use images from well-known sources if it is not your creation.
  7.  At the end of your article, add a brief author bio if you want (it is not necessary.)
  8. Your article must be unique, not a replication of an existing or upcoming article on the web, well-written, SEO optimized, and valuable to readers. We can check if it has already been published on another website. We love to publish articles from fascinating people. 
  9. In your article, you can add 3-4 links to authorized and well-known sources (equal to or higher than 55 DR) and 1 do-follow link to your website either in the main body or in your bio if it is contextually relevant to the piece and of high quality. We don’t accept casino links, writing services domains, etc.
  10. Brand names are not accepted and will be removed. However, you can talk about your business, if it is relevant to the topic.
  11. We have the right to add internal links to your post. Be sure we will not edit your content before asking for your permission.

Way of Submitting Your Interest in Guest Posting

You have read the guest post guidelines and you are ready to write a unique, fresh article post? Here is what you need to do:

  1. Come up with some engaging topics based on the topics mentioned in Point 1 above, and send them to If you are not sure about the topics, don’t worry.  We can suggest some topics. Just send us an email expressing your interest.
  2. We agree on the topic and your link.
  3. You start writing the article and once ready, you send it to us.
  4. Our editorial team evaluates it and sends you their feedback. Additional edits may be needed. If the content meets our standards, we will publish it. The publication time is not standard as it depends on the current backlog. Generally, it takes up to 4 weeks after accepting your guest post.

Note: Content guidelines and/or topics are subject to change. Please ensure you have read the guidelines before starting your writing. Time to grab your next guest posting opportunity!